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  1. So it was technically a cash sale, no hire purchase through the car dealership.
  2. Hi, I bought my audi s6 at the end of September 2021 from Peter vardy carz Aberdeen. A few week later when I was removing my rear plate to replace it with my personalised plate I notice 2 extra holes that have been drilled into the trunk . There was also a slight gathering of moisture on the inside of the boot. Couple of days later the electrics at the rear started playing up, throwing faults up on the dash. Checked the boot over and found the spare wheel area was flooded by water. (s6 have lots of electrical parts around here for air suspension etc which are all sorrounded by water.) I phoned to get my car booked in on the 20th of October to my local Peter vardy Kirkcaldy , but no courtesy car was available had to wait until a few week later. Between then the front head lamp started to heavily condinsate and the boot stopped opening altogether! The car was eventually looked at , after taking head light out they realised the order wrong one and had to put old one in until delivery of new one. But as the refitted it they chip a part of the paint also on the wing. The car is now getting taking back up to Aberdeen Peter vardy to be assesed. I've lost all faith in the car my concern is that the water may have done perminant damage that might cause problems later on. What right do I have to ask for my oney back. Car was £22000. Partial loan Partial savings. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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