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  1. Please help me to cut a long story short, had a bit of trouble over the covid times, and got into some late payments with money barn, I advised them I could pay an extra 50 per month on top of my other, did an income and expenditure and the direct debit was set up, paid direct debit for 3 months and they cancelled it and cancelled by agreement. I didnt know till the next month when the didnt come out, mail had been going to my old address as apparently they had also done a search and it had defaulted back to that one. It took them threes months to change it, in mean time letters were going to wrong address. I was advised as the agreement had been cancelled the only thing could be done is hand car back, pay full balance, or pay enough for a consent order.s I agreed with the consent order, even though while the account was on hold whilst this was sorted a debt collection agency (no court order) attended my old address for the car, adding fees on, after a complaint I eventually got them removed. Complaint took 4 months, and is now with the ombudsman I was told by moneybarn it would be up to the courts how much I paid each month, but I then started receiving letters from their legal department dwf, saying about final settmentn, handing car back etc. I said it was going to get consent order, where i was told this had to be agreed before court. iT has taken 6 months for them to contact me. i am now been told that I will need to pay an additional 140 a month so it finishes same time as the cancelled agreement, I have emailed them, their customer services, 28 times with no responses What should I do, pay 140, or cut my losses.
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