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  1. Curry's possibly know that we have enough things to worry about over here without having to worry about a faulty hob. Sincere thanks for your input regarding this faulty appliance.
  2. Good Morning - received this from Curry's yesterday evening and I have replied asking for the appliance to be collected and a refund processed. Dear Ken, Case Reference: CC4527454. Thank you for your email dated 25/01/2022 to Mr Baldock and I have discussed this with my manager and it has been agreed that we can offer to provide you with a full refund for the faulty appliance. Should you wish to go ahead with this please let me know and I will request the collection and refund as soon as possible for you. Kind regards, Luke Currys™ Resolver Support Team Currys™ Customer Management Centre
  3. I certainly will let you see the Letter of Claim before sending. I have the Small Claims forms printed off the justice-ni-gov.co.uk website as I am in Northern Ireland and I will read the info as suggested on the Hermes sub-forum.
  4. The form that I have already filled in is titled - Form 125 Order 26 Rule 5 Notice Of Application For A Small Claim. I have been reading up on the Letter of Claim this morning and I will read it again later on today so that I am fully aware of it and I will as suggested add £2.50/day for storage. The reply that I received from Curry's came from - [email protected]
  5. I have not heard of a Letter of Claim until you mentioned it so after Googling it I am now aware of what it is so I will give Curry's until the end of this week to arrange the collection of this purchase for a refund and in the meantime I will get this Letter of Claim ready to send. I have the paperwork ready for the County Court but I will do as you suggest first. Sincere thanks for your advise.
  6. Thank you for your reply. Yes the hob was bought Sept but not installed until early Dec, started showing faults almost immediately but because it was 'bought' over 30 days Curry's washed their hands of it. The hob cost £229.00 and I still have it here. Yesterday I sent an email to Alex Baldock CEO of Curry's and I received a reply almost immediately from his office who have passed it onto their 'Executive Resolution Team' who will investigate and respond to the matter in due course. The email sent was more or less the exact copy of the one that I posted here so we will now wait their investigation and I will let you know the outcome.
  7. We purchased a Candy hob in September 2021 and it was purchased early as we were concerned about possible stock issues, it was installed on December 2nd 2021 when the new kitchen was fitted (a receipt can be provided to confirm this date) and this appliance started to give problems almost immediately but we struggled on with it until the intermittent fault got unbearable in that we did not know if it was going to work or not. Upon contacting the customer service department at Curry’s I was automatically put through to Candy service and after 59 minutes on hold I had to disconnect the call as after this period of time my provider then charges me for the call so I have to start again and again and yet again to try and get through. I have had email contact with Curry's ‘let us know’ but all I got was ‘it’s not our problem – it’s Candy’s problem’ so that was even more time wasted. Meanwhile on Jan 8th 2022 we purchased another hob from Curry’s as we could no longer rely on the Candy one nor could we be without a cooking appliance, eventually I got through to Candy and an engineer called yesterday (Jan 24th) and he has to order four new circuit boards for this almost new Candy hob. So if this appliance is repaired in say 14 plus days time what are we expected to do with it as we have already indicated that we have replaced it so that we would not be without a hob. I do have all of the paperwork here to submit to the Small Claims Court as this appliance was not fit for purpose and the court would not expect me to be without a cooking appliance for any period of time.
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