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  1. Hermes have somehow managed to loose 1 of 2 office chairs which they’ve admitting to loosing. Worth £90 Completed and sent them Letter of Denial complete with logo from furniture company was returning to and proof of cost of item. They do advise that they request form and evidence back within 14 days to enable promptness of dealing with enquiry etc. sent and got email back saying they would contact me in 28 days with a decision so left it at that. On 23rd December when was on Christmas break they messaged asking for screenshots of conversation where company says item hasn’t turned up & proof of cost and address. Obviously didn’t see this as was away for Christmas but messaged and they now say they won’t pay because the info wasn’t sent in 14 days. why not just ask for everything they need at once?? I feel like this is a deliberate way to make people jump through hoops and miss deadlines which apparently can be found in the Ts&Cs. I am so upset and frustrated and was in tears earlier (hormones) especially as they have been so belligerent and refuse to even explain how I can make a complaint. Anyone had similar experience? Not sure what to do next. it’s so misleading as they don’t clearly say “if the evidence is sent late we won’t pay”. Also trying to argue with them the deadline info was attached to the form request, not screen shot info. Like banging my head against a brick wall!
  2. I’m having similar nightmare with them although my item was insured and met all the other requirements. They asked for Letter of Denial and receipt within 14 days and said they would get back with a decision. Did that, then they emailed back on 23RD DECEMBER saying they need screenshots of conversations between me and recipient and another receipt. No mention they needed that within next 14 days and now say because they got that late they won’t pay. why not just ask for all the info at once? Have a feeling it’s a way to add on layers of obstructions to avoid paying. Your experience of being asked five times for same info making me more convinced. In their emails it requests m evidence within 14 days but doesn’t say they won’t pay if you don’t send it on time. That’s squirrelled away in the Terms & Conditions of course. They won’t even let you write a letter of complaint so writing to CEO
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