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  1. Dear sirs you all have educated me so much to the extreme that yous all make it quite clear yous are all just a bunch of people that congragte together to bully small family run business. Or any business that operates with terms of business. What would even be the point of having any terms of business when yous look for any excuse to get out of the contractual agreement. The world runs on contractual agreements and there is only judge's in a court of law can say if a contractual agreement is fair or unfair. Weddings are booked years in advance not 2 weeks as yous have stated And the money owed to my business is what it's lost due to the customers change of mind .nothing more nothing less The booking was at my office on an offer and acceptance and to secure the deal there was a contractual agreement signed for wich was in breach from a written email of cancellation. Nothing more nothing less Yous all can come up with whatever excuse you like to provide to the consumer but unfortunately in this case the deal was legally binding Hope yous all have an amazing Sunday
  2. Thanks for the kind advice dx100 I take on board but I do know my legal rights Best regards
  3. And legally binding if they are fair and why would anyone want to sign and agree to them if they were fair when they wanted the service but unfair when they dont Best regards
  4. Dear Mr dx100uk with all due respect consumer's have the consumer rights to protect them and small businesses have terms of business to protect them if consumers want to use the service that they provide they have to agree to their terms or not use the service its as simple as that Terms of business is a legal binding contract On offer and acceptance The thread that you have attached has nothing at all in conjunction to exclusive wedding cars trading terms on booking a hire car Best regards
  5. Don't forget the parasite comments all recorded Your law degree even strengthens my case that you understand the terms of business that you agreed to Ewc was never contacted before the date you cancelled and even if we where the official cancellation was within the 4 month period We also advised you we didn't have the new date that you proposed as we had other commitments and sed we would look at other dates but you declined all in emails all of this was within the 4 month period. I will look forward to your letter
  6. Dear Mr arkist1976 please put all your facts right in your thread to consumer action group All above is your version of events and there is always two sides to every case . You signed and agreed to the offer and acceptance at my office and now your trying every way to get out of the agreement that we both entered into When you wanted my vw campervans for your wedding you agreed to our terms of business and now that you don't want them you decide to try creep out of the contractual agreement that you entered into There was only one thing that stopped us from delivering these campervans on the date booked and it was your cancellation Weddings was actually going ahead on the date that was booked with myself and there was absolutely nothing legally from stopping us operating you have cost my business £850 becouse of your change of mind these are the simple facts . Best regards
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