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  1. Hi all. It is not in my interest to falsify anything here, so though it hurts, here's my issue... I currently owe, quite rightly council tax arrears of £2050. I moved into my property on 1/8/2020 during Covid times and within 4 months lost my job as a result and have been on the breadline ever since. I DID have savings, but made a calculated decision to prioritise food and heating and the roof over my head, rather than pay non-essential bills, expecting the pandemic to be done and dusted and things back on track within m a short space of time following the ultimate remedy of the vaccination programme. However, these have been proved to be unprecedented times and this decision, made in all good faith and intention has caught up with me and I have bite marks on my backside as a result. This morning I find a liability order was issued on 21/6 2021, of which I wasn't aware and a bailiff has given me 24hrs notice of removal of goods via envelope pushed through my door sometime between 22.00 and 05.30 Sunday into Monday morning. Due to my situation I am unable currently to make any payment to clear the debt, but to try and somewhat clear my debts I have instructed an estate agent to sell my property, downsize and therefore release some equity to clear everything. Is it possible the council would consider taking the debt back and arranging payment via these terms? I know the obvious answer is 'ask them', but is there anything I can do, or need to do to put the proposal in a more than acceptable light?? Just for the benefit of anyone else in my situation, I have contacted the council directly and they are contacting the bailiff (Jacobs) for me stating they are willing to accept payments of £50 per month made to the bailiff directly and the balance outstanding to be paid on completion of the house sale. No legal documents or charges on the property, they have taken me at my word. I believe it only fair I should mention my council is that of Hinckley and Bosworth and they obviously owe me nothing, but have listened to my case on it's own merit and all I can be is most grateful. Sorry I didn't allow much chance for replies, but thought it best to act swiftly given this mornings events. No.7 Many thanks in advance. No.7
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