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  1. Thanks, I appreciate your help. I will see what happens. I'll keep trying to dig up information on these people, I think by principle letting them get away with it is bad. This would be not just me but probably they are doing this to a lot of people. I'm wondering if it may be worth getting someone to go there and pose to buy a car and only offer option to pay via Bank Card and ask for personal information and identification before a high-end purchase then withdraw from purchase just to get their information. This information can then be used in court, if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Hi BankFodder, I've got an appointment with a mechanic on Thursday the 27/01/2022. I will get the repair assessed and find out what is wrong with the car. If I confront these people, there is nothing I will be able to do? I went to their car lot, they have over 200 cars in the lot and a storage unit they work out of as an office from the address that I have is where I visited and they are fronting as a Dealership but obviously by what it seems fake. You are correct on all counts, I wanted a car, this is my first car I've only got my driving license last month and not so good with cars but learning a lot. Legally how would I be able to get someones information? So I can make court proceedings?
  3. I'm looking to raise this with the Metropolitan Police. From my understanding - They are trading under Beavers Cars Dealership, but they aren't a dealership and there is no company that is registered to them, that is legitimate. They forced me to make a Bank Transfer instead of a Credit card payment, when I asked them if I can pay via Credit Card. They are selling vehicles that have potential flaws and not properly inspected, meaning that these vehicles before being sold can potentially be like mine non road worthy and illegally to be operated until fixed. This could cost people their lives if they continue to operate in this rogue like environment. I was unable to find any information on who runs this business, their names or anyone I would take to county court if they continue to refuse to answer me. That's all I got for now, is there anyway of obtaining who these people are, as they don't exist apart from Auto-Trader. (A complaint with auto-trader has been raised)
  4. Hi all, I've left numerous voicemails, text messages. They are ignoring me. I've tried calling their landline and another person answers but he then says email in, I asked for email he refuses to provide it and hands up on me. I'm lost for which action I should be taking next here. I've also sent them a letter. They have over 100+ cars in their lot, I can't find who runs Beavers Cars, they don't seem to be a registered company. Beavers Cars | Car dealership in Hounslow | AutoTrader WWW.AUTOTRADER.CO.UK Browse all current Beavers Cars vehicles for sale. View contact details, customer reviews, services offered and more on Beavers Cars. I've spoken to a few engineers and this doesn't seem to be an easy job. This may cost me so much or car may be a write off. I feel like they've scammed me out of my money. Which took me few years to save up. Can someone help with this, thank you
  5. I've tried to call and send text messages, but I'm being ignored by the Agent who sold me the vehicle now. Can you please recommend what next steps I would take? Thank you
  6. Hi BankFodder, From what I see, the MOT place is based in Milton Keys, the dealership said that they received this vehicle in a trade-in deal. The agent said he has used this vehicle to travel to Birmingham and back to London with no issues, but then when I spoke with another agent via phone, he stated that its a new vehicle and they haven't really test driven it properly etc... I believe that everything they have said so far is a lie and what they stated on the sales/page on auto-trader is also a lie. I'm unsure who did the MOT, but I have reason to believe it was the previous owner.
  7. Hi sorry, I had no idea. I thought it was just a check and had only information on the vehicle and not myself.
  8. Hi BankFodder, I would like to firstly thank you for your time and acknowledgement of this, I have followed a lot of posts by you, where you have given absolute divided attention to detail to help us little newbies with such matters where otherwise we would be pretty lost without you. You also helped my best friend, which I really appreciate you as a human being! Thank you I paid via Bank Transfer, I asked if I can pay via Credit Card, but was refused by Amir the person handling my case for Beavers Cars. It took me 3 hours to get from Brighton to Hounslow via Train to look at this vehicle. Amir showed me a car after a Car-wash which is within the Car Lot of Beavers Cars, and said I can go for a test drive in it, I asked him to be with me and only drove the car for no longer than 10 minutes and back to the lot of cars they had. I was taken to Speedy's Auto's which is literally 2 seconds from the Beavers Car Lot to a mechanic which they spoke their own language and was assured that this car had an engine light which was a minor fault and that the throttle agugator control model just needed cleaning, after checks by the mechanic it needed full replacement as his OBD machine still pop'd errors after he just simply tried cleaning it. He replaced that unit. Amir stated on both his advertisement on Autotrader that the timing belt was changed around 101,000 miles but did not provide paperwork for it, when the mechanic checked for me he said the original belt was still on, and Amir argued that it was changed with a manufacturers Audi timing belt and not a second hand one this is why it was still having original thread etc. I have a written note by Amir from Beavers Cars - It states: Date 09/01/2022 sale note: Reg no: xxxxxx The vehicle registration number xxxxxx sold for the price of £3200. 3 month warranty for engine and gearbox. 2 years warranty for timing belt. EML reset for and change part throttle actuator control model £399 discounted for issues. Seller Beaver Car etc... all info on them with signature and then buyer myself on this. In regards to the tyre change, the tyre alignment the car break disks and pads, I was able to cancel and refund all of this. The only loss I've had is, I've spent £100 on an engine carbon clean. On Monday the 24th January 2022 I was meant to have all this sorted but I have cancelled all that, I would be on a loss of £100 for the carbon engine clean if I can get all my money back. In terms of travel to and from the dealership I only spent £25 for a train ticket. I believe it would make sense just to get all my money back. RAC Cover, Insurance, Road Tax and Resident Parking Permit I can sort out, just a headache, but that's life I hope I covered all questions BankFodder and thank you for your help once again.
  9. Wanted to thank whomever fixed my post, I just read some other people with similar problems and sorry I should have done the spacing and alignment of text before posting. I will make sure to keep it clean and proper for following posts. Thank you for fixing the initial post.
  10. Hi all, A good friend of mine recently had a similar issue and this is my first car. I've had a consistent barrage of problems. I purchased a vehicle from Beavers Cars Dealership - From Auto Trader. This is a draft I've written: Dear Beavers Cars, I'm writing to you about the Audi A4 (2007) I bought from you for £3200 on Sunday January 09 2022. The vehicle had prior faults before purchasing the car, during the test drive the Engine Light came on. This being my first car as I've recently only passed my driving test, Amir who dealt with me re-assured me that this fault is nothing serious. I phoned a friend who advised me that this is a major fault and that needs to be looked at. Amir took me to a local garage 1 minute from the Offices and had a mechanic he knew inspect this fault. The mechanic advised that the throttle flaps are shown as an error code on his machine and need to be cleaned, he took the throttle flap device off to clean it, the fault still persisted, he replaced the entire unit which then cleared the fault. I spent roughly 3 hours in the garage trying to resolve the fault error codes. I then was shown that these codes were cleared and that its all now in good condition and working. only test drove this vehicle at maximum of 40mphs and as it was central London taking it on the motorway was a long way away. I paid a £200 deposit initially on Saturday the 8th January 2022 and went to London on 9th January 2022 to check this car. Once everything was sorted at the time, I was convinced by a sales pitch of Amir that this car is road safe and I'm able to drive it back to Brighton with no issues. I paid the remaining £3000. Upon leaving to the motorway, the engine was struggling and it was making a very seriously bad noise, the turbo was not picking up properly and it really felt like there may be something seriously wrong with the car, when I would pull up to roundabouts the car revs would flicker and the car would shake. I then had it serviced and got a Carbon Clean on the engine and everything seems to be in order, it started to drive a little better, but I barely ever gone over 40mph. I wanted to speak with Amir to discuss this and tried calling on the 20th January 2022, knowing I still have my rights under the Consumer Act 2015, but wanted to address the issues and find a solution. I was unable to get hold of him. The third time I went onto the motorway on 22/01/2022 after going around 65mph the Revs just went to 5 and my car started to slow down, I was not able to push more than 35mph in a 70mph, which almost caused a collision. I luckily was only 20 minutes away from home and was able to come off the Motorway and get home safely. During some of the inspections that I had the engineers that Amir took me to by Beavers Cars dealership is called Speedy's Autos. He said that the car is road safe and being a mechanic shop re-assured me. Since I had the car, the drivers seat-belt would unclip from time to time, I was told the tread on my left front tire is below the legal limit. I've had the sensors, electrics and front and rear brake lights needing replacements by what it sounds like the Turbo completely went and I should not have been allowed to drive this car back to Brighton. It put me and others at risk especially when they knew I've only just got my drivers licence and was still a new driver. I would like a full refund for the £3200, I've already spent money on a set of new tyres, wheel alignment and brand new brake pads and brake disks and a repair on the seat buckle luckily the parts can be returned and wheels aren't due to be fitted until Monday 24/01/2022. I've also already paid for Road Tax, Parking Permit and insurance on this car which I will have to sort out. . The Consumer Rights Act 2015 makes it an implied term of the contract I have with Beavers Cars that goods be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. As you are in breach of contract and I've owned the vehicle for less than 6 years, I am within my statutory rights to ask for a refund at no further cost to me. I look forward to hearing from you within 14 days with details of how you plan to resolve this matter. Yours sincerely, ........................ Any help would be appreciated. I've sent this over to them via text to Amir who I been dealing with from Beaver Cars in Hounslow - I do not have an email for them. Amir Beavers Cars 61 – 67 Salisbury Road Hounslow Middlesex TW4 7NW Dear Sir/Madam Ref: xxxxxx On 09/01/2022 I purchased, and took delivery of, the above vehicle an Audi A4 Avant 2007 from you. On 22/01/2022 I discovered that it was not of satisfactory quality: the turbo cut out and car would not go over 40 mph, even after restarting. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 requires dealers to supply goods that are fit for purpose, as described and of satisfactory quality. However, the vehicle is clearly not roadworthy. You are therefore in breach of contract. I am legally entitled to reject the vehicle and to be reimbursed the original purchase of £3200. I look forward to receiving your cheque or banks transfer refund to my account: xxxxxx – Account Number: XXXXXXXX Sort-code: XXXXXX the total sum of £3200 within 14 days. If you fail to reimburse me, I shall have no alternative but to issue a claim against you in the county court for recovery of the money without further reference to you. Yours faithfully If they refuse to refund me, what would be my next steps? Thank you
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