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  1. Ah that's interesting ,thank you. SLC seem to have my old e-mail and mobile number. Unfortunately I don't use those anymore so can't access my password without calling them up. So yes it likely follows that my data is still held by the SLC. I'm not sure what that would signify though.
  2. I mean I was paying the monthly student loan payment prior to going to Stepchange. I think originally to the SLC, but now to Thesis. I'm not sure how long Thesis(Link) have had it in their dirty paws. The inception date on the "Default Notice" is June 2000. Not sure when it was last deferred, about 2003 and under Thesis. I want to give them trouble, but I need to know if a default after nearly seven year since the agreed payment plan has any legal weight?? dx100uk Are you saying that Link hasn't got any legal claim to the debt?
  3. Thanks DX100uk. These are the old style loans taken out to the SLC in 1992,1995 and 1997. The loan wasn't deferred when I agreed the Stepchange plan ,so I was paying the full repayment amount prior to going on the plan. I've never heard of a default being posted over six years from a commencement of an unbroken agreed payment plan so that is what I'm contesting. It sound a bit dodgy I assume that Thesis has the authority to issue a legitimate default notice?
  4. Hi all, I've been on a debt plan with Stepchange for over six years with one debtor being Thesis Servicing, the student loan company. The other debtors on the Stepchange debt plan registered defaults from about three to six months after the debt plan was agreed, however Thesis had never defaulted....until now some six years and seven months since reduced payments were agreed vis Stepchange I have this morning received three default notices, one for each student loan taken out. I'm absolutely shocked and am not sure if they can actually do this so long after the agreed debt plan payments (which I've never missed) If any one can help me I'd be extremely grateful. Thank you.
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