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  1. Thanks Bex. I couldn't believe it. To be honest I waited to open the letters for a few days dreading what was inside. Hope yours gets sorted.
  2. Guys I've got some news. I got two letters, one from Capquest, one from Arrow Global, both exactly the same wording. They read: "Dear Mr xxxx Your Account is now closed. Further to our communication with you, we can confirm that this account has been closed, as a result of being statute barred. Please note: You will not be pursued for the remaining balance on the account. If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 0333 999 7201. Yours Sincerely, Capquest/Arrow Global" I would like to thank everyone on this forum, particularly Bex1775 as if it wasn't for you posting your initial enquiry, I don't know what I would have done. Instead, I followed all the advice from this forum and I'm really impressed with the knowledge that is shared on here. I didn't expect that when I saw them on the floor by the door. Thanks again. You're all doing a brilliant job.
  3. Thanks Bex, I'll keep you updated too.
  4. Hi there, Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I took out student loans between 1997 and 2001 when I was doing my degree. I deferred it for a few years as never earned enough to have to pay it back, the last time being around 2005. I heard nothing about this until a few years ago started having automated phone calls and text messages from Capquest. I should have dealt with it at the time, but still didn't earn enough to be eligible to repay. Three weeks ago I received a letter from Capquest stating if I don't make contact by 26th January they will instruct Resolvecall Ltd to visit my home. I'm not sure if I have ever replied to Capquest about the debt (at all) but if I did, it would have been over 12 years ago as I've moved a bit since then. I wasn't sure if it was statute barred due to the age but I've followed the advice on a very helpful post on this site and realised that it is statute barred so I've followed the advice there. I've sent the Statute Barred Letter recommended in that post to Capquest, along with a copy of the letter they sent me early last week and have not heard back from them. Instead, today I received a letter from Resolvecall saying that someone will visit my home in the next 60 days. What would you suggest I do to resolve this? Should I send the same statute barred letter to resolve call? Shall I resend it to Capquest recorded delivery? I am looking after my elderly father at the moment and I don't want him to have to answer the door to these people as it would panic him. Thanks Ad
  5. I've been following threads as I've been in exactly the same position with a Students Loans debt that I have not acknowledged for over 12 years, receiving exactly the same communication that you have received from Capquest. I sent off the statute barred letter yet have heard nothing back from Capquest, today I got a letter from Resolvecall saying someone is going to visit. Does anyone know the next steps I should take now? Can I sent the same statute barred letter to Resolvecall? Thank you
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