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  1. Hello clever people, I've written to PRA and this is their reply. They want my current address and date of birth. Shall i give it to them? I don't want them to chase me in different country. Please advise. Thank you for getting in touch! So we can help you, and just to make sure we are speaking with the correct person, could you please give us the following details: Your date of birth Your current address and post code When you have replied with this information, we will get in touch as soon as possible. Questions? We’re happy to help, contact us by: replying to this email; visiting our website (pragroup.co.uk); where you can find answers to commonly asked questions; or calling us on 0808 196 5550. Thank you, Kate
  2. There are tenants at the moment. I would like to make sure the house is given back to us in the same condition as it was beautiful when we rented this out. Now it's dumpshell. Not sure how to talk with council about it. Preferably i would like to have a quotation on repairs to be done and get the money from council to be able to do it myself to the standard that is acceptable by me. Any advises? Thanks, Kate
  3. Hello clever people, hope you can help me with this one. We've rented out our house to council back in 2014, signed an agreement for one year, then in 2015 it was renewed for another year. No renewal after that...I guess both sides missed it, the payment was always on time. The payment from the rent was sent on regular basis, some repairs done by us during that time. Now we would like to terminate the agreement and found out that we don't have any valid agreement. Also recently there was inspection at the house and it looks like the tenant neglected the property and it needs major renovation and repairs. What are my rights right now? Thank you for your help. Kate
  4. You are stars here! Thank you! So i call PRA Group (UK) Limited or the court? What about my credit score? will they fix it? Kate
  5. The claimant was PRA Group (UK) Limited. It was probably sold to them. So do i contact them and tell what? Sorry basic knowledge needed... Also is my credit score going to be cleared? If that was statute barred how could court judge in their favor? Thank you very much for your help! Kate
  6. Hi, it was August and the first letter saying it is outstanding was received before that but thought that will be sorted out by the liquidation. The credit card is in my name but my company name was also on it. Now they chasing only me, not the company.
  7. Hello, I'm new to the group so hello to everybody. I left UK in 2014 and before that i liquidated my company. I thought everything was done correctly. Recently i have found out that the credit card i had for my company but in my name must have not been included in the liquidating process and during that time the debt of 2,2k GBP was transferred to various debt collecting companies. In June 2021 there was Claim Form sent on my old address and month later Judgement for Claimant saying i have to pay the outstanding balance plus extra costs. Is there a way I can dispute this ? I don't live in the country since 2014, just recently went to the old address to find out bunch of letters, most of them regarding this debt. Any advices please? Thank you in advance. KateBur
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