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  1. So, on Monday 10th January 2022, I dropped off 38 parcels to my local My Hermes drop off point. I use them daily, and very rarely have any issues. The parcels were booked through Parcel2go.com, as I use multiple couriers, and it is easier this way. My parcels consisted of clothes, shoes, and some DJ turntable accessories. After a few days, the tracking still said "collected", and had never reached the hub. P2G and Hermes kept telling me to wait. By Monday (7 days after dropping), there was no update with the parcels at all. It was becoming very obvious that they had never reached the hub. I complained on Twitter, and Hermes actually sent me a private message. I sent them all the info, all the tracking numbers, and descriptions of the parcels. (P2G in the mean time have done nothing, not been in touch, not emailed me, and fobbed me off on live chat). Today (Wednesday 19th), the lady I was talking to via Twitter messages, called me. She informed me that the driver had been ambushed, and had his phone and the van with 479 parcels, stolen. She said she would contact P2G, and tell them to compensate me for the loss of goods, and postage costs. P2G have emailed me to refund the postage on 38 items, but are saying because I did not carry out insurance, they will not pay for the goods. I have been on Live Chat again telling them I need to send them a Letter Before Action. They said we don't compensate as I didn't take out insurance. I said lets go to Court, you are in breach of contract. They changed their tone after I said that, and now said the claims team will email me. In total the goods are worth around £1,000, and postage was around £150. I have read a lot of posts on here, and noticed that a lot say I should put pressure on Hermes and not P2G? What would you advise in this situation please? Thank you
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