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  1. Thank you DX. Is there nothing I can do to draw a line under it? I'm so frustrated they insisted on proof of my surname change. They know who I am because they have my address. thank you Becky
  2. Hi everyone. I got home yesterday to find an envelope marked 'private and confidential' containing a card to say Resolvecall had visited yesterday (I was out at work) I'm really at a loss as to what to do now. Should I write another letter to Capquest to restate my case? I don't want to engage with either company really but I'm finding it stressful knowing someone might turn up at any time and make a scene at my front door. Any advice is hugely appreciated, as always. thanks Becky
  3. Omg that's brilliant news!! I still haven't heard anything else, but I'm more relaxed about it now. I'm so glad yours is all sorted!
  4. Hiya, yes I do, and have saved the pdf of the signature on my pc. They also sent a letter acknowledging receipt but asking for proof my different surname. The letter from Resolvecall doesn't mention the CapQuest correspondence. I will be armed with my phone if any dodgy looking men knock at the door! Thanks
  5. Hi Ad, I'll keep updating my thread with any happenings as we're in the same situation. My mum in law looks after my daughter after school on a Wednesday so I also don't want anyone panicking her.
  6. Hi, another update. I've had a letter today from Resolvecall. Upon careful reading it does make clear they visit to put you in contact with the company they say you owe the debt to. I'm promised a visit within 60 days. I'm happy to ignore this now, as I've done everything I need to. I think the only niggle is CapQuest asking for proof of my surname as it doesn't match their records, but as dx100uk advises, they will surely be able to check that. I don't want to engage in any more correspondence with them and I really don't want to give them copies of my ID. I'm hoping they will just stop bothering now. If I get anything else I'll add to this thread. Thanks
  7. Hi again. I've still heard nothing from CapQuest, no I'm not surprised after reading other posts. And the threatened visit from Resolvecall didn't occur yesterday. So thank you for your help, I'm hoping this is now the end.
  8. Hi again I sent my letter off on Monday, signed for delivery as I wanted to make sure it's got there, it was finally delivered yesterday Last night I had a text from them: "There is a 50% settlement discount available on your account. If you cannot pay in full this can be paid across 3 equal monthly instalments of £339.57. To take advantage of this offer please visit" and then a website link. Hopefully they will be in touch soon to say they've taken the letter on board and will leave me alone now. I'll update this thread if I hear anything, it really helped me to see others had been in my situation. Fingers crossed
  9. I don't know really, I suppose I'm just worried that now I'm trying to deal with it the letter won't go to the right place. There's no 'from' address on the letter, just the registered business address in the tiny footer, so I will send it there. Thank you again.
  10. Hi dx100uk, thank you so much for replying again. I have done the letter and will send it registered today, one final question please. They give two addresses on the letter - one is the registered business address in Manchester, the other is to send payments to, this address is Glasgow, I've also searched online and found an address in Hampshire, I don't want to send it to the wrong address, would you send a copy to all three? Thank you! Becky
  11. Hi dx100uk Thank you for your advice. The letter is also addressed to me in my previous married surname, I have since remarried. Would I need to put anything about that in the letter, or just send the letter as per your template? What usually happens after a dispute is sent to them, do they usually respond? Thank you again Becky
  12. Hi Homer67. I've never made a payment. I've never communicated with Capquest. I last deferred my student loan in 2010 to the student loans company. So would you dispute it with Capquest? Thank you Becky
  13. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I took out a student loan in 1997 for £1385 when I was doing my degree, which I stopped due to my Mum dying. I deferred it for years as never earned enough to have to pay it back. I moved in 2010 after deferring again, and although I had my post forwarded, didn't hear from them again until a few years ago started having automated phone calls and text messages from Capquest. I should have dealt with it at the time, but until a few months ago, still didn't earn enough to be eligible to repay. This morning I've received a letter from them stating if I don't make contact by 26th January they will instruct Resolvecall Ltd to visit my home. I've read some advice from different debt advice companies online, but wasn't sure if I should ask Capquest to prove the debt, or try to argue it is statute barred due to the age. I know the rules for student loans did change, but not 100% sure what the change was. Has anyone had something similar? What would you suggest I do to try to resolve? The debt now stands at £2037.43 according to today's letter. thank you Becky
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