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  1. Most of the answers here say that we wont be receiving a letter, however the security at Boots have a picture of our ID which has our address on it. Although they needed that to identify us, would they not send us a letter regarding a ban to our home?
  2. Thanks for your answer. I have read through most of the threads, but no one has mentioned what is in these RLP/DWP letters. Does it contain information of the incident? So if our parents find these, can we just say they're scam letters and that they're not real?
  3. Okay thank you. If they didn't ban us from the shop, why did they take a photo of our ID? Is it to put it on their system?
  4. Thank you for response. The security guard did not mention anything about a ban on the shop or a fine, he barely spoke to us. We're confused with what will happen, we understand being banned from the shop but we haven't been told that this will happen to us. We have read numerous forum chats of people in a similar situation, and they were told they were not allowed to enter the shop again and they were told that they should be expecting a letter regarding a fine. What do you think they will do with the picture of our ID's? Can they still send a letter if they don't warn us or tell us about it?
  5. Me and my friend are 18 years old and we stupidly tried to take some things from Boots like makeup and probiotic but we took the wrapper off which makes it look suspicious. As we left the store we got caught by the security guard and dragged into the store. He took pictures of us, the items and our provisional driving licenses. He didn’t say much at all to us and seemed very pissed off. Then he told us to leave without calling the police but will the police be informed about it now? We fully regret our decisions and are willing to pay for our consequences. However we are unsure of what these consequences will be. From what we have read online, we think that we will be sent a letter home for us to pay a fine but who will send this letter? Will it be the police or Boots? Also, what will the envelope look like because we don’t want our parents finding and opening it. What are the next steps? If anyone could help us with these details, we would be grateful.
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