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  1. Hi all, I've read through a few of these Hermes threads but haven't come across the same issue.


    I posted a well packed carpet cleaner through Hermes to the company I bought it off for repair. This was for a 2 day delivery but as it was Xmas time I accepted there may be a small delay.


    In all honesty, it took me for ever to find a way to complain to them and my parcel is still stuck in limbo. I managed to get the number and called them and they said they'll look into it.


    I didn't take out extra insurance as it was very well packaged and let's be honest, an upright vacuum cleaner is hardly inconspicuous. I can't afford to replace this and am worried that although it's not lost in transit, it's been at the hub all this time and has been stolen.


    Can someone please offer some help or advice?



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