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  1. Advice please, I contacted all my creditors with a finance document stating my income and expenditure, and have made a token payment. I am now being hounded by PayPal and aqua. I have received a arrears notice from capital one. Now this has caused anxiety do I have to call them back? TiA
  2. Yes, I've sent them all token letters and paid £5 to each of them, like you said which is true i had been borrowing more to pay to creditors. Which I feel asthough I'm drowning. I do believe that these could be sold to DCA which I presume I pay £5 to them. I am a tad scared of what may happen but its my own stupidity for borrowing. Sorry for the confusion on threads, it did not show on my phone that you replied. Thank you for your help
  3. I have sent token payment letter with income and outgoings. With an offer of 5.00 per month. To all my creditors I am at present being hounded by calls especially aqua. Do I take these calls or do I stick to emails so I have a paper trail. I'm full of anxiety, concernd I will have payment plans higher than I can afford pushed on me Any advice would be grateful. Tia
  4. I have sent token payment letters out with an outgoings info letter attached so they can see my financial situation. But I am currently being hounded by calls from aqua due to not paying the minimum payment. And paid the £5 to all creditors. Do I take these calls, im assuming I will be receiving more calls. Do I take the calls, I'm getting anxious Many thanks
  5. Yes im thinking all things, many thanks for you advice, I really do appreciate it
  6. Yes I used the cards to live off pay bills etc when I lost my job. I still pay it all back if defaulted? Also if I have debts owing and I arrange a dmp, a third agency maybe contacted to collect the debt on behalf of the credit card company. In which I will lose my job I work for a cash in transit company therefore I will be classed as a high risk.
  7. Yes I used the cards to live off pay bills etc when I lost my job. I still pay it all back if defaulted? Thank you for the advice
  8. Yes I understand the default is on for 6 yes, I will take a look at the debt collection but I don't understand what you mean by but better to get everything defaulted now, rather than dribs and drabs.
  9. around 2017/2018 I do not have specific dates. M&S 2018
  10. 10k m&s £300 monthly Aqua £2700 repay £120 mth Mbna £2000 repay 50 mth Capital £1700 - 60 mth Capital £1700 £80 mother PayPal account £1900 repay £60 I have a default on my account due to not being able to repay the m&s. Which I'm now paying £300 back monthly
  11. I have 2 barclay credit cards. During covid I lost my job, so I had payment holidays on my cards. After the payment holidays I still had not found a job, they suspended my cards. I got agency work and began to pay the minimum amount. I have been paying for well over a year on time. I've received a letter saying I'm in persistent debt can I pay more. I cannot im paying back to several cards and trying to keep on top of the repayments. Should I call to set up a repayment plan, will this stop interest being added to the account. I'm struggling to keep up the minimum payments. Will they allow me to pay less if I request a payment plan. I owe £2500 on one card and £2000 on the other card. TIA
  12. I received a letter from M&S stating wescot will be dealing with the account, no warning from M&S at all. Can they do this? They can see I've paid on time other than the 6 month payment holiday.
  13. In 2020 I lost my job due to covid, I arranged a 6 month payment holiday. I got a job therefore began payments again and have done for over a year. What I wasn't aware of was to pay more to cover the 6mth payment holiday I assumed an extra 6 months would be added on to the loan to cover what I owed. I received a letter from M&S saying the credit agency will now take over as its in default. Are M&S not supposed to give you a heads up. As my payment plan is reviewed in March 2022. They have told me not to pay them anymore and wait to hear from credit agency. I called collections at M&S saying I've not missed any payments of the payment plan, why have they not made me aware of paying any extra. I will lose my job if this goes to an credit agency. They have informed me to call them back tomorrow and speak to the team leader. I'm full of anxiety any advise would be appreciated
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