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  1. Hiya, I've finally had a response to my small claims court case, wherin EVRi / Evri have completely denied responsibility, and refused to pay for the damage they caused to my regulators. I've attached their response - have you got any comments / advice before I fill the form in? Tia Compress_20220413_110141_1983.pdf
  2. I agree 100% all obstacles were intentional. I am following the above course of action. Hopefully at some point enough people will stop using hermes and they will either change, or fail.
  3. Hiya Yes, they made me provide the ebay sales receipt 5 separate times I think, because they kept asking for the same thing. £94 plus postage. They gave me a £9.36 refund as a goodwill gesture and will no longer respond to my request to clarify exactly how my parcel did not meet their packaging requirements
  4. Hi guys, As above for an item sold on eBay in 21st November - it has taken this long with them messing about for them to finally come up with an excuse not to pay out, as of yesterday, but the reason they have given is that my packaging didn't meet their requirements! The item was a set of scuba regulators, individually wrapped in bubble wrap, packaged inside a padded regulator bag, and then inside a sturdy cardboard box, which was delivered with one side burst open and the regulators broken - I have photographic evidence of both box and damage. I just want to double check the next steps. 1) letter of complaint - where do I send it, HO in Leeds? Does it matter? 2) letter of claim - sent how long after the complaint letter? 3) Court claim. Is this correct? The company is criminal - they never used to be this bad, but I have found them to be belligerently obstructive, and intentionally unhelpful as they quite obviously know they because they are unregulated they can get away with it. I, for one, will never use EVRi again!
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