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  1. This is all amazingly helpful, thank you both so much. I've been really stressed out so was very relieved to find this forum. I'll do as you suggest dx and update if there are any further developments.
  2. Thanks, I'll do what you suggest. I have a letter from HMRC confirming my status as a non resident landlord sent to my address in Portugal from about 3 years ago so I will send them a copy of that. I'll also send the SLC deferment form. Is it worth sending anything to the Ombudsman or wait and see what their next move is? Sorry to ask more questions, just want to be sure I'm doing everything I can to make this go away! Can't believe I slipped up so close to the 25 year mark!
  3. OK thank you for your input, I will print out and send the SLC deferral form. Should I let them know my overseas address at this point too? The address they have for me in the UK is still valid, even though I do not reside there.
  4. I didn't record the phone call - I wasn't expecting to be told my loan agreement had been terminated, I just thought I was a bit late deferring but that it would be OK. My complaint was that they hadn't notified me by email of the deferment window, as they had every previous year. I explained that due to travel restrictions and the stress of the pandemic I not received the paperwork and had forgotten to defer. I also said that my annual income was way below the threshold (less than £10k - also thanks to the pandemic as my income overseas is from tourism) and that I couldn't afford to repay the whole loan amount. What would you advise that I do now?
  5. Thank you for your time and reassuring words. They have received nothing in writing from me. I made one telephone call when I realised I was late with my deferral after picking up my post in the UK and it was then that they informed me my account had been terminated, my loans had matured and were now payable in full. I said I wished to lodge a complaint, primarily about the lack of email correspondence, because they had always notified me via email of my deferment status and for that reason I had not given them of my overseas address. The postal system where I live is notoriously unreliable so it's almost a certainty that their correspondence wouldn't have reached me here anyway. They sent me a letter detailing the summary of my complaint and the outcome of their complaints process on 29 December 2021 but I have not responded as yet. So no, nothing in writing from me, but a summary of the situation in writing from them. I haven't given them my overseas address and they have nothing in writing to say I live overseas. The address they have for me is the house I own and it is rented to family members so it has been easy for me to pick up my post on what were formerly pretty regular trips back to the UK.
  6. Hi and thank you for responding. I've read through lots of other Erudio posts but was still hoping for some clarity on what to do next. My previous deferment ended 16th June 2021. I then received a Notice of Sums in Arrears letter dated 16th July, These are the only things I have received by post as far as I'm aware. My post goes to a UK address and I am abroad much of the time, hence not actually picking up this correspondence until October, by which time I was 2 weeks past the point at which I could avert the termination of my account, or so they told me. After my phone call in October I was advised that my complaint had been sent to the complaints department and they responded with the unfavourable outcome on 29th December 2021. I haven't done anything since then. I certainly don't plan to call them again but I'm unsure what my next moves should be. Should I send an old SLC deferment form and if so, to whom? Should I write to the Financial Ombudsman or would this be a waste of time at this point? Should I give them my address in Portugal? What is likely to happen next? I'd be very grateful for any advice or guidance as this is a pretty stressful start to the new year!
  7. Hello I'm hoping someone will be able to advise me on how to proceed with my Erudio nightmare. My loans are only 2 years away from being written off and I have diligently deferred every year, first with SLC and since 2014 with Erudio, as my earnings have always been below the threshold. I live abroad and last year due to the pandemic did not travel back to the UK as I generally do a few times a year. Erudio have a UK address for me so any correspondence is sent there but every year since 2014 they have also emailed me to let me know that my deferral window is open. Last year they didn't email and with everything that was going on, and trying to launch a tourism business during a global pandemic, I completely forgot about my loan deferral. When I finally made it back to the UK in October and picked up some post, I found a few letters from Erudio and immediately called them only to be told that I had just missed the end of the deferral period (by a matter of less than 2 weeks) and my account had been terminated. I registered a complaint due to the lack of email as I felt that an emailing precedent had been set during the previous 7 years, only to be told that they are only obligated to correspond by post and that my loans of more that £5k are now payable in full. I realise that I messed up and got behind with my admin during what was a very stressful time, but it seems outrageous that this can lead to a 'gotcha' moment where this company can now demand what is to me a huge sum of money back immediately. I have told them that I am going to take my complaint to the financial ombudsman but would really appreciate any advise or input on how to proceed from the knowledgeable folk on this forum. Further information that may be relevant - I have used Erudio's online platform to defer previously, I have never made any payments, I am a homeowner in the UK and Erudio know this unfortunately. The property is rented out and the modest income I make from it is well below the personal allowance in the UK. Many thanks in advance.
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