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  1. bump Are they allowed to do this? Can they only force me to accept a replacement / store credit? I am not sure if I am obliged to take it in these circumstances? If there are any specific laws please point me in the right place
  2. Hello @dx100ukis there a specific section I can quote to them? Sorry I have dyslexia and find it hard reading through the small print.
  3. @BankFodderis there any specific law which states this? I am hoping I do not need to go down the chargeback/court route as it has already taken over a month already and that could push things further! Please advise
  4. Hello @BankFodderThank you for responding. I am hoping it doesn't need to go that far, I have no problem taking this to court and raising it if needed but hoping it does not need to reach that point. I have already filled the claims form for parcel force which is a affidavit, the parcel was not delivered here. It has either been delivered the wrong address in my building or a wrong address totally. None of the people on my floor have claimed to receive it after speaking to them. My issue is now Notino are offering a replacement or store credit only, they wont allow for a refund despite the order having been over a month hold and me having no use to have store credit as I have already had to replace the presents for Christmas as this order did not arrive. Are they allowed to do this? Can they only force me to accept a replacement / store credit? I am not sure if I am obliged to take it in these circumstaces? Please advise.
  5. Hello guys, I am looking for advice regarding an issue I am currently having with Notino. I placed this order back on the 29th of November, the order was never delivered here, parcelforce delivered it to the incorrect address. As soon as the order was marked as delivered I contacted Notino to express my concerns as it hadn't been delivered yet but was marked as delivered by parcel force. They started an investigation and parcel force sent a photo of delivery and also GPS of my building. GPS looks correct but I am in block flats with around 20 flats, I have checked with the neighbours on my floor but none have confirmed receiving it. The photo shows a door without a number on it which is not much help as all the doors are the same. But for this Notino are claiming Parcelforce are not happy to accept the claim. I have also cooperated with Parcelforce myself and completed the claim form. Obviously I am not happy, the order was for Christmas presents which I have had to replace myself. I even paid extra for Notino's delivery insurance on the order which they are now basically saying stands for nothing. I advised them to raise this with Parcelforce as they have clearly delivered it to the wrong flat. After some back and forth and asking for a manager Notino have now offered only a store credit / replacement. My issue is the order has not been delivered here. It was for Christmas presents which I have already replaced. Bare in mind this is for an order over a month ago. I requested a refund. They got back to me stating : "I am sorry to hear about this situation. However we have raised an investigation with Parcelforce who have done an in depth look into your case. They have found everything to be done correctly on the delivery on their part, hence the claim was officially rejected by them. On our part we can offer you a full voucher or a replacement parcel, a refund is not an option a confirmed by higher management. The case has been closed, so please reply only if you accept a replacement or a voucher." Can I get some advice on what steps to take from here? I no longer need the order and would like a refund rather than store credit.
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