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  1. thank you will do both - i’ve tried calling nacro but if they’re busy you’re not put on hold they just cut so i will email but try call again tomorrow.
  2. they did not tell me will i receive this in a letter? the assumption was that it would just come with the fine so they gave me the number for nacro is there any way to know? i can’t do an enhanced dbs on myself
  3. update: i went to court as they didn’t respond to my email. asked the prosecutor for an OOC but he did not allow it although his reasons were not great i went to court and was given a fine and they were sympathetic as i was a low income earner. however, i’m still worried about the record and they advised me to look into citizens advice or nacro thank you guys for your help - the prosecutors were not budging sadly they made me sign for each offence separately so they removed the ones that were not me
  4. sure, this is the email i will send today unless there are any changes i should make? Dear Sir/Madam, I am emailing as I wish to ask for an out of court settlement regarding my case (case number). I realise that my actions have caused TFL financial harm and for that I am truly sorry, and would like to help remedy this in any way. Whilst there is no excuse for my actions, at the time, I was struggling to afford transport as a student working only 6 hours a week. Student finance did not provide maintenance for masters and on top of this, I was on universal credit during that time. I have since been paying for the travel using my bank card and despite going into overdraft multiple times, I continued to pay the full fare for the past 4 months and will continue to do so. This is a mistake I truly regret and am willing to pay the entire amount stated to settle this as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Kind regards,
  5. okay i will email thank you. had exams so i was a bit MIA. and yes, there’s a letter with the one offence and then the sheet with the other offences but no place to sign to each of them separately
  6. i am confused. i read threads and used it to write the original letter (threads have said to add proof etc) but i did not see anything on how to do an on the day ooc maybe i missed it the court letter has been signed and i intend to plead guilty but i have not sent it as it says i can take it with my on the day
  7. The first one I apologised, said I have since paid with my bank card and have proof and said I will pay the fine if we can settle out of court. Now that they have said no, I am writing what I will say in court to ask for no criminal record if they reject my OOC on the day
  8. 21 out of 23 so not a huge difference. I sent a letter to TFL but it was rejected so i am trying to amend it to read out at court
  9. Hi, as i am writing the letter i was just wondering if i should mention i am a law student or if this will look bad on me and if i should mention that some journeys were not made by me (or admit to them all)
  10. Hi, could you please explain what the process of court was like for your husband? Did he try to ask for an out of court when he arrived or did he just go straight in and plead his case?
  11. Yes, under 16 card and thank you, I will draft a letter and send it here if that’s okay? The date for court is Tuesday 25th
  12. I just replied saying I plead guilty going off my solicitors advice as I did not know any different. His reasons were that after 2020, tfl changed their policy and are now more harsh with OOC and secondly the fact that it’s multiple offences would also make it difficult so he did not draft a letter and I did not do so myself either as he said the chances were less than 10% Yes, so the letter says: ”Contrary to Byelaw 17(1) of the transport for london railway byelaws made under para 26 of schedule 11 to the greater london authority act 1999 and confirmed under section 67 of the transport act 1962” ”further investigation into the usage of the pas identified a further 23 journeys she was suspected of making using the pass, avoiding fares of £110.50……an application will be made in court for £250 contribution towards the costs of Transport for London. Will I be able to apologise at court? I do regret this as the biggest mistake I’ve made. Thank you for your help
  13. The original letter stated to just plead guilty or not guilty which I said guilty too but as I did not know the number of offences, the solicitors I contacted said they would still want me to plead guilty/not guilty to the number of offences as it’s likely it was multiple. The court summons letter said that I committed 20+ offences within three months. I did not commit all of them however I do not wish to make the process longer by pleading guilty to some and not all. I just want to resolve this quickly. I agree I should not have done it, I’m hoping this recklessness does not ruin my adulthood
  14. Hi, I would be really grateful if anyone could help me. I’ve received a letter for court for using a siblings oyster card multiple times. I am 22 and a law student. I know what I did was wrong and I will pay the fine but I am worried that the criminal record will affect my entire career and future before it’s begun. I have contacted solicitors but as it’s a multiple offence and I have no excuse other than being broke (I am in receipt of universal credit), they said i would not succeed. Plus they charge £1000 as they are “saving my career” does this mean my career is doomed? My main questions were about court. I have never been and do not know the process (if I will be able to plead my case to anyone). I read one forum where someone suggested taking cash and paying it all off which I would like to do but don’t know much about who to approach and ask Any help would be appreciated thank you
  15. hi, i am very worried, going through a similar where i have been summoned to court. caught using MIL's freedom pass -poss100+ uses **RESOLVED** - Page 2 - Public transport (Trains, tubes and buses) - Consumer Action Group can you please explain what happens at court - am i able to plead my case and try to avoid a record or is there no hope. solicitors are charging around £1000 but do not believe my case will succeed ooc i’ve decided to go court but not sure what happens
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