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  1. @comebackjimmy Thanks for this. Yeah, my wife said just wait, and dont ring them or else they will look for it. I said i am worry to end up in court. will let you know what will happen soon. For sure, they will revoke my license since there is no course offered for it.
  2. Thanks Man in the Middle, yeah you got my concern... i inquire to them via phone. And they said "they can not advise to me anything" but to wait.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I was stopped last 20th of Nov, and until now havent received any communication yet from police. They just give me a piece of paper (Traffic Offense Report). It will revoke my license since i am a new driver. I am hoping they will give me an optional driving course, fingers cross
  4. @Man in the middle Thanks for this. I accepted and admit to them personally that I am holding it and use it while i am on the carpark. The officer said, "wait for communication in Weeks time". Thats why I am wondering where is it now. I am in a loophole I am willing to redo my tests if they give me 6points. But the problem is I am in the middle of nowhere now, guessing what will happen next. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Can i ask if you took the course instead? And how long when you received a coomunication from the police? After the apprehension. Thanks. Because i was caught holding my phone too last 20th of Nov 2021 and until now no communication yet from police officers. They just give me a paper (Traffic Offense Report) which states nothing to do on my part but to wait.
  6. I was stopped by officer last 20th of november, 2021. In a carpark driving slowly while holding my phone. Because I am a new driver my license will be revoke. The officer said, do you know that its 6 points and £200 and will revoke your license. I said I dont know about it. Its my ignorance and my bad I admit. And they give me a traffic offence report My question is,, why until now I did not received any letter yet from them?
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