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  1. Thank you DX100Uk (I wonder if you're a radio amateur?) I have now attached a number of files, appeal, original CN. My final question for the night.. As I am halfway through my 2nd appeal (see attached) with the IAS, should I drop the appeal or carry it on regardless but try not to give them any more ammo to sue? appeal-reply.pdf Document.pdf IMG_20211125_132949__01__01-converted.pdf
  2. Firstly hello to everyone, I've read a lot of posts here over the last week or so, but it's my first time posing. 1 Date of the infringement 12/11/2021 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 17/11/2021 3 Date received 25/11/2021 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] N 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Y 6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] Y Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up Y 7 Who is the parking company? VCS 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Liverpool Airport For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. IAS Now although I've said I've read posts on here, I didn't do so until after I had appealed. So I now feel I may have been slightly silly by appealing, which is why I've started this thread What happened... I was invited by Liverpool Airport to attended an interview at Liverpool Airport. After the interview I left the private Liverpool Airport Admin car park I was in, but shortly after I stopped for around 2 mins to check for directions home. I apparently stopped in a No Stopping area, just before a junction where I needed to know whether to turn left or right. Where I stopped there were no signs or road markings. There are signs and double red lines on the road, just not where I stopped. So I appealed on the basis that I saw no signs after leaving the car park and there where no road markings where I had sstopped . The photographs they sent to me also show this. I'm halfway through my 2nd appeal (to the IAS) but am assuming this wont be upheld. So am I right in thinking that I should now acknowledge nothing further, until I get a solicitors letter? I hope somebody could let me know if I've opened any unnecessary doors by appealing, which may cause me issues if this goes as far as court? I'm also unsure if it changes anything that I was invited onto the land by the land owner for an interview?
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