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  1. Thanks for your quick response. Do you think I have a right to go through FOS? Thanks
  2. This company has caused me nothing but trouble and put me in the worst financial difficulty. I was a named driver on a car i got for my brother. I had a seriously bad accident which was not my fault. (HIT AND RUN by stolen car) I made a claim and the company took 7 weeks to make a decision to void the insurance due to the V5 being in my name (the named driver) instead of my brothers name (the main driver). This was an unintentional accident made when setting up the insurance and the company were not interest in the trouble this had caused us at all. Rude staff and no understanding for their customers. now they are inquiring charges for storage of the vehicle when they had taken 7 weeks to make the decision to void. This company will do everything in its power to not support their customers and get out of paying any claim. Can you please advice on what to do next?
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