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  1. As way of an update, Interparcel have agreed to pay out £250 + The cost of postage (£74), should I amend my letter of LOC to Tuffnells to mention this?
  2. Thanks Please see me LOC to Tuffells, any comments would be appreciated : LETTER OF CLAIM Tuffnells Parcels Express Limited Unit 1 Meadowhall Business Park, Carbrook Hall Road, Sheffield, S9 2EQ Date: 05/01/2022 Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Item lost in network – Hot Tub Reference: Parcel ID: I arranged a pickup of an Item I was returning from my address of (insert address) for the 18th of August 2021 to be delivered to and address in Manchester Next day using your Tuffnell Express service. The pick was attempted a week later unsuccessfully due the size of the item and was eventually successfully picked up on the 31/08/2021. I checked with the recipient a few days later who informed me they did receive the parcel. I raised this issue with Interparcel and was advised that there was no record of the item being picked up. I supplied them with the security footage showing the item being picked up and following this an investigation was opened with yourselves and it was concluded that the item in fact had been picked up but now has been lost in the system. This delivery was purchased via 3rd parties (Tuffnells via Interparcel) but I am pursuing yourselves as I am entitled to do under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties Act ) 1999). Purchase price of the item being returned = £1,200 Postage cost = £74.75 On 29/09/21 I emailed your company with a complaint with a view to resolving this matter with no response to date. Therefore I am informing you that I am to begin a county court claim against you within 14 days and without any further notice unless you reimburse me in full.
  3. Ok That makes sense, I will change my focus Tufnell's for the LOC. IS it worth then accepting Interparcels offer or will that likely affect any future claim? and at this point should I just stop pursuing Interparcel and it sound like it could be a waste of time
  4. I have complained directly to Tufnell's, this was done via email but I had no response or engagement what so ever but I did get engagement from Interparcel as I was instructed by them to go through their claims process. I will move forward with a LOC to Interparcel but should I send a slightly amended LOC to Tufnell's as well? The return of the hot tub was just due to a change of mind
  5. Thank you for the prompt replies and help. I will draft the LOC and post here before I send it. I will also read up on the other posts so I know what to expect form the process. On a side note the Citizens advice burau advised citing the Consumer rights act 2015, I have also read on the forum a number of LOC have cited the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties act. I'm assuming because I'm in conversation with Interparcel not Tuffnells(the courier) that the third parties act would not be applicable, is this correct? And also, is it advisable to try to claim directly from Tuffnells (the courier) , I did contact them initially to complain but had not response at all Thanks again
  6. Hi All, I was recommended to this forum by a friend who has gone through a similar situation. Sorry in advance for the long post but the situation so far is as follows: I was in the process of returning a hot tub for a refund, the value of this item was £1,200. As part of this refund the item had to be posted back to the company I purchased it from. I arranged the item to be picked up by and delivered through Interparcel via the courier Tuffnells. Initially there were some issues with the couriers as they missed the pick up date by a week and when they finally came to pick up the parcel they advised the driver did not bring the correct vehicle as it was a large package. It then took a further week of chasing Interparcel and tuffnells to rearrange the pick up, which eventually took place 2 weeks after the originally agreed date. I then checked the tracking number the next day as it was a next day delivery and there were no updates , so I then contacted the company I was returning the item to, who stated they had not received the delivery yet. This led to me calling Interparcel to chase, who explained that there were no records of my item being picked up so they opened up an investigation with Tuffnells (the courier). Luckily I had ring door camera footage of the pick up which I sent to Interparcel . A few days later htey acknowledged the item was picked up and informed the item was "lost" which is hard to believe as it is an 80kg extremely large package but I digress. Interparcel then advised me that I would have to go through their claims process. I was asked to email a proof of purchase for the goods showing the value of £1,200, which I did. The next day they replied offering me £25 in compensation which I flatly refused. I asked to escalate my claim so I was directed to a claims manager at interparcel. After taking some advise from the citizens advice bureau, I emailed a letter to the claims manager to lodge an official complaint. In the end after a flurry of email back and forth with the claims manager and got the following email: "Claims are processed online with the inclusive cover as per the service and any additional cover added by the customer. In this instance you have placed an order with us using a service that has £25.00 cover in the eventuality of loss and/or damage. No additional cover was added by yourself despite entering the value as £1200, which means you were given the opportunity to increase the cover and chose not to. However due to the circumstances we will make an offer of £250.00 plus the postage fee on this occasion only." I again did not agree with this figure and replied that I would be taking things further. Any advice on how to resolve this and what options I have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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