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  1. OK, thank you...so to clarify, if I keep up the payments after the 6 years then no problem it'll only get thrown back to court if I stop paying? Also if they start to ask for more money (after the 6 years) does that get approved via the court as before or will it just be between me and them? Lastly, if I'm still making payments post ccj, I understand the ccj will be removed but how will the repayments be reflected on my credit report?
  2. Thank you, I looked but that didn't really answer my question unfortunately.
  3. Hi, I got a CCJ 5.5 years ago. It was for £2000 and I have made £3 repayments every month since. Obviously it won't even be close to being paid off when the 6 years are up. I read that they can still chase you for the debt after the 6 years and enforce Bailiffs. Is this true? If so, would this only be the case if I stopped paying the £3...in which case should I still make payments just to keep them off my back? Or, what if I just stopped making payments at the end of the CCJ...what would they likely do? Many thanks
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