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  1. Will do, thanks for that. I'll see what trading standards have to say about it.
  2. What a legend. I'll buy you a pint if you ever wander over this way. Thanks The archived page states orders placed from 1st of November have until 15th of January to be returned
  3. Hi guys and happy new year. I wondered what your views are on this. I am aware of my statutory rights and S.75 claims but so far in terms of proof, Webtogs have the high ground I think. I ordered a size 8 coat for my fiancèe on the 23rd of November. She tried it on at Christmas and needed a size 10. Webtogs don't do exchanges and so I had to place a new order for a size 10 and then start a return and refund process for the original. I was given a returns authorisation number but when I used their automated system, it rejected it as being over 30 days since purchase. At the time of purchase, the website clearly stated extended returns for Christmas orders but conveniently, that has since been taken down. I tried their online email system but had no reply so I rang them. After 1 hour and 40 minutes on hold, a foreign guy answered and as soon as I mentioned a return, he put the phone down. The problem I've got is that it is after 30 days from purchase and I haven't got a screenshot of their Christmas returns policy. I guess that a S.75 claim with my credit card provider will also fail without this proof. They did give me a returns authorisation number though, which is all I can cling to for now. The reviews online are scathing and label them as scammers. I think I should report them to trading standards at least. Any advice at all?
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