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  1. So any further action as advice now? Copied sellers terms and suggested to get back car to seller and give me refund Copart probably will win legal court cases as definitely has better lawyer that random I could find
  2. Copart sent v5c after 3 weeks. There is black marks to hidden all details as this is their policy to keep names confidential. But managed to read name/surname/postcode and address from logbook so believe she was an owner of the vehicle and bring/sell thru COPART
  3. Seller is private person that lives in northern Ireland
  4. Seller so the person who bring the vehicle to them
  5. Hi It's look like the do not make any inspection and rely on seller's word as they describe their self as seller's authorized agent, some important points of their contract with each seller, full points in link below https://www.copart.co.uk/Content/UK/EN/Landing-Page/tfc-seller-agreement-terms-and-conditions
  6. You are not able to go for last 15 months + as "safety covid19" It's their game as for so long time we do not have lockdowns and any restrictions and every viewing were in open air before. Over phone they've told they offer some extra photos but vehicle had about 10 photos (good quality) (and even if would have 20) you are not able to see parts from bottom that are removed/stolen and turbocharger/engine was replaced even gearbox has some signs of use (black silicone in some sides) If I could see vehicle in real, with closed eyes would not buy it
  7. Thank you for super fast reply, you are making really good job! Yes I paid by DEBIT card. Description made by COPART member. Jeep photos and auction listing.pdf
  8. Good Evening, I am another victim of COPART. Bought a JEEP Grand Cherokee for 16800 ~with fees. 67 plate "used unrecorded" "described as run and drive" Before auction call to auction to ask why vehicle has no category. Being informed that sometimes customers delivering vehicles and then it has no category. Plenty information for auction 1) HPI CHECK clear 2) NMR CHECK clear 3) National mileage VOSA/MOT clear 4) Mileage consistent 5) V5C document comes with vehicle 6) Next owner will be 2nd 7) Vehicle valued for around 28,000 8 Run and drive Vehicle collected from copart after purchase Monday 06.12.2021. No v5c as promised in description. They've told over phone it will come within 3 days as they cannot find Vehicle delivered and problem with driving after pressing gas (first diagnose turbocharger actuator broken). Taken part next day to order a actuator and "broken" actuator had production year 2010. Done HPI CHECK (as could see full VIN number as before was partially hidden) - it has show mileage depreciation three times. So all those separate points they've advertised are false, V5C did not arrived. Made complain in COPART, they have open a ticket and not responded for long time. Chased them over phone/emails for about 2 weeks. In meantime Ordered part arrived but did not help (only check engine disappeared) and visual inspection after opening hood showed plenty of signs engine definitely is not from 2017 year. What found in undercarriage massive corrosion, removed cat converter, plenty of sensors missing, pipe and other parts complete scrap one big rust, engine block looks like would have done 1,000,000 miles or more. oil sump has production year also 2010. VIN number on engine is rusted and not visible. Overall vehicle has moss around wheels, on door windows (also doors are from 2015 on side and 2016 other side) engine frame has dents from engine crane (engine on 100% was replaced) Other report showed that the vehicle in November was involved in accident in POLAND/Europe Copart has replied with standard answer point 8.2 - you buy what you see... (like to everyone) I do not have objection if they would advertise altered mileage, but they give few times wrong information, still it is small thing as the whole case look worse as described In my opinion a) vehicle stood in water/flood b) vehicle VIN was altered and I bought cloned vehicle from 2010? with with newer reg plate I read other theard and went for advise to call bank and get money back and bank paid back already and sent a letter that they will make investigation and come back within 8 weeks and get money back from merchant (try to at least...) . But not sure what to do now. I don't want to keep that vehicle (now I keep the vehicle and money borrowed from bank) also last week (after 20 days) v5c arrived. Details of sellers were hidden but found the person. Lives in Northern Ireland and in terms of v5c she's 2nd owner All advises more than welcomed
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