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  1. The deferment letter I have received is from SLC stating Thesis servicing administers the account. The deferment period is from 15thMarch 2021 - 14th March 2022 and lists all 4 of the loans years 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 , (apologies I stated a year older in my previous message) the letter states the account will continue to accrue interest during the deferment period, any direct debits will be suspended ( I don’t have any set up) it also states I can make voluntary repayments to the loan accounts at any time by contacting the relevant loan administrator. Thesis were appointed to the accounts on 1st October 2008. Thesis default letter was chasing total arrears of £4631.69 and Link are chasing outstanding balance under all agreements including arrears, default interest and unpaid default sums total of £8638.84 I have another letter dated 14th November 2021 stating arrears were £3622.93 on 16th May 2021 and on 14th November they are £4631.69 with no understanding of how these arrears are made up. The statements only show the monthly interest of around £15 I really do not understand the figures they are showing.
  2. Hi Thesis sent the deferment pack out which is then confirmed and accepted in a letter from SLC. I will put in a complaint to SLC and ignore Link. Thanks
  3. Hi There are 4 student loans altogether 95,96,97 and 1998. I have evidence of deferments from 1998 through to 2016; when I went through a messy divorce and multiple house moves. Thesis contacted me at my new address, I spoke to them and set up a deferment for 2020- 2021, then another for 2021-2022 (to expire 14th March) with SLC. I have never paid anything. I received a letter from Thesis 27/10/2021 serving a default notice under section 87(1) of the consumer credit act, I spoke to them and that’s when they told me they had cancelled my deferment and arrears were accruing for missed payments. I called them and they said I had 3 months to pay the £8000+ which I said I couldn’t pay. They said they would file the default and I had to wait for the debt collectors to be in touch, hence this request for help/advice. Thanks
  4. I have received notice of arrears letters from Thesis regarding my student loans I contacted them as the account is in deferment accepted by SLC, they informed me they cancelled the deferment and have defaulted my account and passed this to Link Outsourcing who are now demanding £8660 for a 25 year old debt that I have never earned above threshold to make any payments. I have e-mailed Link as I am not prepared to talk to them over the phone, Thesis were bad enough! To tell them I dispute this and to find out what my options are as I can not afford this debt. I have tried to research this as they are saying any arrears on the account mean the loan is not wiped after the 25year period and as I missed deferring for 4 years of the loan period I now owe this huge debt. Any advice would be hugely appreciated as to what my next steps should be as I am afraid they will take me to court.
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