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  1. Thanks for these comments. Can you explain at what precise point the timer starts?
  2. Thank you. Flight out December 30th using debit card and Paypal. Back on Jan 8th. Stanstead to Frankfurt.
  3. Ryanair: We have booked and paid for return tickets to fly to Frankfurt for New Year - £300+ (visiting our son and family). Since then, the German government has decreed British citizens non resident in Germany are not allowed to enter the country because of Covid restrictions. We have tried to contact Ryanair to find out we can do and offered to postpone until later in the year ie. not demanding a refund necessarily. We have had no success in even having a meaningful conversation with anyone at Ryanair - they seem to assume we are still going (reminding us about protocol and ordering food on the plane!) We have tried to explain we are not German citizens and therefore are barred from boarding the plane. What can we do and what are our rights? Sue and Ivan Godfrey
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