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  1. 31 minutes ago, ashmk said:

    I don't think Facebook care about you or what you think but you are triggering their spam algorithm with your constant reporting and use of words like 'scammer' so it's reacting to you.

    Reporting scammers is a waste of time, for every one that gets dealt with 2 will pop up in it's place. It's better the devil you know.

    Find another past time that makes you happy. 

    "Find another past time that makes you happy". Rude.

  2. Without trying to do a "hatchet job" on @Facebook, why are there constantly fake / scam adverts, both in the Marketplace and on individual sites?


    I have tried reporting those fake adverts in the Marketplace to @Facebook, who stop ME from posting after several reports, and block MY account.


    I have also added the word "scam" - or other similar words - in the comments section. Again, after several posts, @Facebook remove MY comments, telling me that I am spamming.


    I have tried to contact @Facebook, without success.


    Does anybody know why @Facebook stop me reporting scams, when I am only trying to warn people?


    Does anyone know how I can get @Facebook to stop allowing scams?


    I would even work for @Facebook for free, to help remove scams..


    NOTE: If you feel anything I have written is inappropriate, could you message me PRIVATELY or contact Admin. Thank you

  3. My daughter bought goods online for £79.04 from SorelleUK.

    When the goods arrived she saw that the quality was TERRIBLE, cheap and nasty.
    She returned them - UNWORN - within the 14 day cooling off period she is given by Law.
    She requested - as per the Law - a complete refund.
    Sorelle ignored the request and gave her a credit note.

    We complained, stating that the Consumer Contract Regulations stated she was entitled to a refund. This was confirmed by Citizen's Advice.
    They replied stating that they ONLY had to give a credit note, as it said in their terms - even though IT WAS AGAINST THE LAW.

    Since then we have been ignored by them, despite trying to contact them by email and via social media. We even messaged the owners - Manuella Mosca and Jamie Smedley - who just deleted messages and blocked us. 

    I even contacted Meadowhall - as sorelle have a shop in there. Sorelle started LYING to Meadowhall, claiming - WEEKS AFTER - that the goods had been worn. Review sites will show that this is a con they have tried with MANY others.

    I have reported them to Trading Standards - as have Citizens Advice.

    Re the review sites;

    they also have fake reviews submitted, to counteract the MANY bad reviews.

    The fake reviews are written in the same way, so are obvious!!

    I wish to ensure that others are not ripped off by this company.
    Everyone who has been ripped off by them should complain to Trading Standards and the Police.


    Sorelle should be prosecuted.

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