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  1. Hello. I think I was flashed the other night on the M25 anti-clockwise between Jct 15 & 16. There were several cars around me and we were all moving at about the same speed. I was surprised at first because I was trying to stick to 70mph as I thought this was the limit. When I was flashed I looked down at my speed and it read 74mph. If I assume I had instinctively backed off when the flash went off I guess my real speed may have been between 73-75mph. Its really frustrating because I was genuinely trying to be a good citizen and stick to 70(ish). I can only assume there must have been a variable speed limit which I missed (there often is on this stretch which is why I am surprised I may have missed the gantry signs) although the gantry after had nothing on it and the next one had the end of variable sign so I assume I was in one. speeding is speeding if it was me that was flashed at lets say 75mph in a variable 50mph this would likely be a band B offense. However I am wondering whether anyone has any experience of similar and whether I might be able to be optimistic of some police discretion and get a fixed penalty (£100 + 3 points)? Thanks in advance
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