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  1. Hi All (new here so please go easy on me) Lost my job in the events industry due to CV19, so started making products out of recycled concrete and selling them online and the Hi St Recently parked my Mini estate in a Goods Loading bay to unload a delivery of said products as its outside the gift shop and there were no standard parking spaces available. Dropped off the products and signed and dated delivery note (not shown as customers details) and quickly returned to the mini to find i'd received a ticket. I found the traffic warden and explained I was unloading but he said I had to appeal. I have appealed explaining the nature of the products being heavy and the delivery note, but received a letter (attached) saying I need an "appropriate vehicle". The letter gives the adjudicators website to appeal but this has been unavailable for the past two days (screen grab attached) I am running out of time to pay the reduced charge. My question is, do I have any hope of appealing this? Any help much appreciated. best Ade Parking ticket page 01.pdf Parking ticket page 02.pdf Mini estate loading in loading bay.pdf parking appeals website.pdf
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