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  1. Thank you all for your advice. You've been very helpful. I'll be putting a official complaint in Monday and will definitely request a SAR.
  2. Thanks for your input dx100uk I will be recording the phone I'll be making Monday. My first hearing of this "New" account and overdue balance was in a email today and conveniently their call centre is closed. We unfortunately moved from our rental property and stayed with family for a couple weeks before then going into another rental, with the gap between I don't think our new contract would help. I am in contact with my old landlord, he says is going to help provide proof of our moving out. The call Monday will be my first official complaint, then Ombudsman and ofgem were going to be my next contact Ill
  3. Hi there, Just here looking for advice. I moved out of a rented property earlier this year. We notified our supplier the morning after we moved with the final meter reading (smart meter) and a forwarding address. Final bill came in the post and was paid on time. We assume this was done and dusted. But fast forward several months to now and I noticed my credit score showing a default, looking into it it's from the same supplier. Naturally I contacted them by phone and email and was told several times everything was paid for and there was no default on the account. I obviously want this default removed and continued to email, today they've emailed back saying a account was created the same day I rang them to give the final meter reading and close it for the same property we have moved out from. In the email they attached a copy of the bill they sent to the old address which we obviously didn't get because we moved. In my name and new account number. This bill is dated from the day after we moved out and a further more 18 days. Honestly to think I would ring and close a account and set a new one up on the same day for the same address is ridiculous to me but apparently that's what they saying. I have this default on my name, a bill for 18days after I moved out of the property (which we know was immediately moved into by a new tenant). I'm left wondering about this "New" account they've said I set up, I obviously never set up a new account and was not made aware of anything. Is this fraudulent? I'll be contacting them again on Monday to make a formal complaint and move on from there. Any advice is appreciated
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