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  1. Thanks DX. I have the crime reference number, contact at CID and email regarding the theft. The only reason we found the car was because of the parking tickets. If TEC finds in favour of Hackney Council is there another stage that I can fight this? Thank you!!
  2. Hi any help appreciated. Had my vehicle stolen in an aggravated burglary last December. About 4 weeks after the vehicle was stolen I started to receive parking fines in Hackney, all in exactly the same place. I contacted the police and they collected my vehicle. I contacted the council and explained that my vehicle had been stolen, they advised to appeal and to include the crime reference number, this advice is also on their website. I completed all of appeals, but did not hear anything. I foolishly thought that they had just been cancelled. In the beginning of October I had a bailiff turn up, I explained the situation and that I would not be paying any money. I called TEC and they talked me through completing a Out of Time application, this was two weeks ago. Today I have received a letter from Hackney Council saying they are opposing my application. Any ideas what I should do now?? Many thanks.
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