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  1. I agree. I currently have no definitive proof that currently shows a Hermes employee has removed the camera and replaced with a shower curtain. However, would i be able to request that the weight of the item that was processed through their system, be released? This would show a very different weight to that of a shower curtain?
  2. I will chase with eBay, thank you. Attached is a draft copy of my letter of claim Hermes letter of claim .pdf
  3. Sorry, item sold on 11th November. Hermes issued refund of £23.55 on the 17th December and refusing to pay any more than this currently. Will follow letter of claim format and post soon for review With regards to eBay account - have posted odd items here and there over the years with no previous issues
  4. I’m not a business seller sold GoPro on eBay for £250 posted next day delivery via Hermes customer said they received a shower curtain on Hermes delivery picture I could see brown tape on the parcel when I had only used blue ebay refunded customer on my behalf and closed down my account Went via Hermes and completed a ‘lost parcel’ form and they’re refunding £20 cover plus delivery even though someone on their network had clearly tampered with and replaced my item I can see various other threads on Hermes here and I believe I need to write a letter of claim and a particulars of claim? any help appreciated thanks
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