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  1. Thanks Uncle Bulgaria Although the guidance applies to UC claimants it certainly gives a clear indication of the government's interpreation of the law.
  2. Hi HoneyBee Sorry about that, I would be the transferor not transferee.
  3. Thanks HoneyBee Do those rules realistically come up for scrutiny during the handling of the estate? Or more specifically, would the solictor handling the estate be compelled to ask questions regarding the benefit status of the transferee, along the same lines as being compelled to check the Insolvency Register? regards TL
  4. For example, direct payments from the local authority for care in my home.
  5. Hi All I am retired and in line for a six figure inheritance. Some of my benefits are means tested and I would like to pass over my entitlement to inherit to my adult children, with of course the permission of the other executors and beneficiaries. This matter is at the earliest stage, the application for probate is about to be made. Am I correct in thinking that as long as I don't make the mistake of taking the money and then passing it to the children then I am acting lawfully? Regards and Thanks TL
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