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  1. Surely this Isaac Younis should be providing me with the signed loan agreement and a statement of how much is still owed? Now this Isaac Younis wants me to provide details that I am financially broke. I think that I will cease communications as I now live under Scottish law, what are your thoughts? Regards
  2. This has nothing to do with the United Arab Emirates, this is Kuwait. Worst case scenario I was thinking that they could sell on the debt to a British company who would collect as much as they could and get a %%???
  3. Yeah, I've had a few emails now asking me to pay this repayment plan with a $10,000 lump sum the $500/month afterwards. This guy is called Isaac Younis and he appears to work for Cedar. I don't even know if the Kuwaiti debt would be collectable here in Scotland. I haven't worked since the pandemic in September 2020 when I left due to the pandemic and have no money to repay this amount anyway. Could they freeze bank accounts or seize property etc?
  4. Left after 7 months due to Coronavirus and repayment to the bank stopped as I wasn't getting paid anymore by KOC. I am being contact by Cedar Financial Debt Collectors and keep receiving emails from then setting up a repayment plan. I am in hospital and haven't worked since I left Kuwait in 2020 so have no money. What should I do?
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