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  1. yes. they won't. ive dropped the parcel on monfay at coop and up to now the tracking nr is showing invalid on Hermes website. amazon said until the tracking isn't updated it isn't their problem. coop the same. can't get in touch with hermes.
  2. coop didn't scan the parcel at parcel shop and is not tracking now at all. I don't even know of they handle it to hermes.
  3. Hi, I've got a problem with my Amazon return. I've dropped a parcel to the Coop parcel shop on Monday 13/12 but no tracking update up to now, parcel is not even showing that been dropped off. I've checked with coop and apparently parcel is not there anymore, will speak to manager tomorrow. Can't hold of hermes at all, amazon won't help. What I can do in this situation? I've been given the blue slip and Ive seen the coop lady using the scanner. But is she scanned it, why is not showing as dropped? The amount of the return is £120 so Im really worried now.
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