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  1. Thank you both for your advice. I'm staying with her til after Xmas so if they try anything between now and new year I'll answer with camera in hand, and worry about anything else after Christmas Really appreciate your help. Thanks again
  2. Hi DX We will send a SAR. She has moved since taking out the loan, but Avant were aware of this and although ACI don't put her home address on the emails they send, and have never sent a physical letter they could easily get this info from Avant or her credit record. Do you think this may just be a phising trip they're on? Thanks KB
  3. It was a company called Avant. The original loan was taken out in Jan 2014 and last payment (think they called it a forbearance payment) was made around March 2017. I have no intention of calling, was going to email them, but want to know if they are being a bit naughty with the wording "Resolvecall will be instructed to attend your home address to assist you with contacting us to discuss your account" Plus, should we request any details from them etc? Thanks DX
  4. Good afternoon, I'm helping my mum with a debt I thought she'd sorted out - I'll give a bit of background first - a loan balance of around £4,500 which when payments became unaffordable due to ill health and loss of job, she offered £100 a month. They accepted this but said it wouldn't reduce the balance, just keep the loan from defaulting. She told them she couldn't afford to pay this indefinitely if the loan would never reduce, said she would rather stop paying and invited them to take her to court. They didn't, they just added interest etc and when the debt reached £8,500 odd they sold it on. Now two years later, I'm finding out that ACI debt collectors has been sending her texts and emails which she hasn't replied to, mainly because she's too ill most of the time, but I suppose also because she's waiting for court so she can set up a real payment plan where payments will go toward the actual debt, but she's told me today that they've sent an email saying that if she doesn't call them within 21 days then "Resolvecall will be instructed to attend your home address to assist you with contacting us to discuss your account" What the hell does "assist you with contacting us" mean? they gonna hold her down and hold the phone to her ear? I'm about to get involved with it now, but I'm hoping I can get some advice on how best to approach this. Its still a year and a half away from being statue barred because she made these reduced payments. I can't be with my mum, but she's vulnerable and I'm worried about her being home alone if they are going to try and intimidate her. I've told her not to answer the door if she's unsure, or not to let anyone in, even if they demand it but I'm worried. Any advice on how best to approach this will be greatly appreciated Thanks. KB
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