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  1. I took out a 5,000 secured loan with GE money in 2003 over 15 years. I was paying it back but missed payments for a time and they took me to court. I paid back the full amount outstanding that was owed in the entirety and have since then continued paying the loan back without fail. The loan was taken over by a company called Elderbridge that has an absolutely disgraceful record on line. I then find that I owe £17,000 on this original £5,000 loan - inexplicably after `18 years of paying it. I have attempted to contact Elderbridge on no fewer than 8 occaisions asking them to provide evidence of where these charges came from as even at the current rate of interest being charged on the amount is impossible to realise. They have constantly given me promises after promises that they would provide me with these details - dating back to when the loan was with GE money but have failed to do so every time. I have recorded the conversations each time and have made compaints but get absolutely nowhere with them, no matter whom I talk to. What do I do? Take them to small claims court for the payments made since the 15 year term expired to force them to show where these charges came from? The FCA is a paper tiger and making any claim to them would take years and in my opinion is heavily weighed in thefavour of the banks and lenders and does not work on behalf of the borrower. Anyone else have this issue and any advice would be more than welcome as I am wanting to sell the property but have told the conveyancing solicitors to hold back sending payment to them until this is settled. Im at a loss as to what to do.
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