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  1. I have read quite a few of the posts on here. Fines was not the correct word! Spy cars…wow ! What are the two cameras mounted on the post just after the roundabout on the way in, those were the only ones I noticed.
  2. Not yet no. Just unsure when I started to research the airport site about fines etc…I found a serious lack of info. The only place I found info about the charges was in online newspapers which I thought was odd.
  3. Did you get any further letters? I’m expecting one, if not two from Bristol airport parking myself was early at the airport, never been before so drove in to do a “reky” as I was dropping my son off, we just drove in, around both roundabouts, then drove out, did stop for a second or two to read the sign for the drop off. drove back in about half an hour later as my lads mates had just arrived. Noticed a woman stopped just before the zebra crossing, I said to my son, might as well jump out here then…which he did. I then drove on, around the roundabout and back out. I’m hoping the camera wasn’t working….but not holding my breath! Oddly I could see a single sign which displayed fines for parking…which I though was a legal requirement? I also can’t find within their bylaws ( 2012 was the best I could find on their website which seems very old) any reference to fine amounts…nor within their terms and conditions. I did thin’ it was a legal requirement to have this info clearly displayed!
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