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  1. Thanks, you think I should send a letter to the head office in Abu Dhabi?
  2. Hi, The CWD letters two years ago went to the UK address I had registered with the bank when I was in the UAE, this is my parents address . The emails I've been receiving recently have been from a UAE Debt chaser, and haven't stated any address.
  3. Hi, I accrued some credit card debt with ADCB when I was in the UAE in 2015. I left the UAE in Dec 2015 and was not in a financial position to pay the debt. I believe the cc debt was around 20,000 AED. A couple of years ago I received emails and letters from CWD threatening. I ignored and they stopped writing. Recently I've started receiving three final demands from trustdc.ae saying I owe 49000. The latest one offered a settlement at 20,000. I haven't been living in the UK since 2017, and am currently residing in Spain. it's possible I won't return to the UK anytime soon, possibly never on a permanent basis. However, I don't want to get a CCJ against me. Now I know I should ignore the DCAs but should I make the Abu Dhabi bank aware of my current address ( I suppose I can give them my parents address, which they probably have as my address on file), or should I tell them I'm not resident in the UK anymore? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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