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  1. Hi folks, I've read the following thread and scanned a few others. Backdoor Erudio CCJ - old Student Loans Essentially I picked up a letter in the week from DrydensFairfax Solicitors (but dated 20th Oct 2021) from my previous mailing address stating that a judgement had been made against me on 06/07/20 (that's last year, 17 months ago, unless it's a typo) for over £4k, and their records show I failed to contact them or repay. Thence their client instructed them to issue a Warrant of Control which they did on 09/08/21 at a previous address. They were since notified I am not at that address, and will be writing to the court if I don't contact them within 14 days of that 20th October date for a new Warrant of Control . (Note - this address they have is not my current address, so they'd have to get a new Warrant of Control anyway?) , but do say a bailliff could visit. To my recollection I hadn't heard of Erudio before. I also have a loan still with SLC (I had two, one in 1996, one in 2001 for a PGCE), and my SLC loan is linked to my tax returns with HMRC and I defer there automatically. I haven't received any mail or email correspondence for years. I've contacted both Erudio and Drydens by email (asking them to stop any possible proceedings and provide me with information), and await a reply within 5 -14 days. I've never earned enough to reach the threshold to repay. In May this year I also had a stroke and haven't worked since, although I will be able to do going forward (not at the rate required to trigger payments in reality though!). Due to be 50 next year, at which point the loan would be written off, although I read that may be irrelevant now? I have moved around a lot over the last 5- 10 years within the same town essentially, and hadn't realised some of my loans were not with SLC. I have also gone on my Noddle/Credit Karma account where the ccj is mentioned, with County Court Business Centre, registered at an address I was last at around 8 and a half years ago. Going forward probably need more information*, although reading about ccjs (not really come across them before) worried I should take any actions to halt that or any Warrants of Control asap? I will have more info when I get replies, although having read more into it not sure what that will be. *(looks like I can't sign up for an email account with Erudio to see what correspondence etc has been going on, unless I do it by phone, which I am somewhat reticent to do at the moment) Bit of an unexpected trouble. Thanks in advance for any help/pointers!
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