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  1. I brought a Sony 65inch Ultra HD TV August 2017 and paid for Repair and protect from Currys. The Tv cost me £4499.00 in April of this year 2021 the TV started to switch itself off ,loose sound and picture. I phoned the Helpdesk number at Currys and was told to phone Sony I tried 3 times with Sony to try to put the TV right with their Technical support (each call took around 2 Hours) with no success and was told to go back to Currys Customer service. I tried four time with Customer Services to ask them to come and repair TV 3 people booked this over a 3 week period, when I checked and took time off from work to find out where Team was who was picking up TV was told the first appointment was never booked, second appointment was called and customer has been advised to call Sony never happened. Third Time was cancelled by Technician as Warranty had run out, each time I got through to the Advisors advised them that I had Currys repair and Protect Policy which was ignored. Fourth Time I did break down from all of this and a very helpful young lady did book time with reference number and organised pick up of TV. When TV got to repair station had a Text asking me to phone Curry Repair Team where I was told the TV had been scrapped due to the Screen being broken and would cost more to replace this than the TV. Was very shocked about this and asked what will happen now was advised another Team looking into to this and where decidiing either to give me a TV like for like spec wise to my TV or Vouchers. I then got a Text a week later with offer of a TV which was 2019 and no longer sold or online with Currys for £1199.00 but I would not get charged for this. I did say whoaa hang on a minute and explained why so less in value money wise and why a TV that A you don't sell anymore and B vastly cheaper and if this breakdowns you might not have parts for so will be back to square one again. Was told by the Customer Service lady take it or leave it so said will need to think abut this. So decided to go to Curry's shop near where I leave to investigate more about this TV I had been offered. Was told in the shop they don't stock or sell this one anymore was shown a Sony Tv that was made in 2020 and said they should be giving this one to you. I then got another Text from Currys telling me they where now trying to get the parts for my TV and to repair it. I went back to the back to the Currys Shop and said can you try to find out more about this and said they couldn't as they are not contactable. I said do you know how much in value the vouchers will be and was told no as different department and they weren't previa to this. I went home again and talked this over with my partner and we decided to go with the Vouchers as had another Text saying TV couldn't be repaired this was all over a 5 week period 2 weeks without TV and 3 weeks trying to sort pick up of TV. Also I did ask can my years worth of repair plan that is still left be transferred to whatever TV I do buy and was told no they couldn't do this but would give me the Value of what was left. I have still not received vouchers although had a call on Thursday 09/12/2021 just gone saying they are being emailed to me have checked in box and spam folder just in case, did go back to Currys Shop today Saturday 11/12/2021 and was told they can take up to 4 business days to come through and there is nothing they can do or anyone they can contact. I have had enough of Currys and just want to know what I should do to get this situation put right and get a TV as promised in their cover plan, please do help me if you can with advise and where to go from here please, thank you.
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