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  1. Hello Honey Bee I will have a look Tmr in my folder but I bought it from Ross Alexandra who owns ripon auto Center, york auto Center and acomb green garage york, all connected to him, I am sure he has other businesses, like Dx said he shuts them down opens them up it’s all about money not customer care the garage near me is looking at the mot work on mon to give me a price as I feel it’s better, the car you know it’s got a new clutch in that Ross Alax Andrea put in under warranty a new wing mirror and back light I got from a VW scrapper as a lorry knocked my wing mirror off (I was angry about that I accidently reversed into the lamppost so I got new back light ) that ripon garage fitted wing mirror back light for £45 in total, but the mot work too much for them, hopefully the garage 20 mins from me will give me a good price courtesy car, it’s near my village Nunmonkton, I am Green Hammerton, A59 Harrogate to York my neighbour uses him and she has a old fiat Berlingo he keeps going, hopefully he will take the work on to get it thru the mot again to pass, as he said the most expense is the structural body work welding that’s why showing car on Monday how do i down load these files I have tried to show the mot document but. cant attach it I can do it on my I phone 7 plus Apple but struggling on this site thank you please VW
  2. How do you insert a pick in other media http is that a link I clicked on it but I could not get pick on there what is a url please thank you Yes that is the garage acomb green avoid it that you have sent me a picture cyclex acomb green york Ok thank you for Being patient I will ask somebody in jan to show me how to add a attachment mot, I will look at it again I think I have to down load something it’s a different format not like the Iphone Apple phew that I find so easy to use could you send me the attachment with the down load I will see if I can work it out maybe look at you tube to attach mot report please thank you Vw as I dont give up it might take me half hr to work it out but then I class it as a achievement that’s how long it took to work out emails pressing the attachment to come up to attach the pictures when eon over charged on my metre but I got £200 back so it was worth the migraine I had at the end once I give up I am finished so I press the paper clip then it said PDF doc doc xxl s rif odt do I press on them and select I managed to load some settings still not letting me do it could you please explain how to do it thank you as struggling I have down loaded pdf doc so it should let me do it thank you
  3. Dx i have autism it’s stress related I will probably not be on here for long as not goeing to be judged by spelling etc I was only trying to reach out to the man that had been in the same situation as me by Ross Alax Andrea VW
  4. Yes I got my poorly Moter of the ripon auto centre website but picked it up a acomb green garriage where I met Ross Alax Andrea the scarlet pimpernel it had no seats in it so he said he was of to ripon to clean them but I think it was york I doint know why he didn’t get the wash garriage to wash it and vallet it and seats as car wash at acomb green garriage where I picked it up ak looks you asked me where I got it from I still doint know how to down load picks mot etc VW
  5. Ok thank you VW can you tell me how to do the attachments please thank you then I can show you mot certificate got 2 garriage giving me prices that work on old cars you came on the train I take it to see your dream car that was not a dream but a nightmare
  6. To honey bee that is the one acomb green in acomb york I was stressed got barred from the garage as nearly ran somebody’s feet over so the garriage acomb green google it it’s on face book as well york is owned by Ross Alax Andrea and the wash man rents it off him with his penguins all in wellingtons even a penguin would be better at that job more friendly ripon auto Center is owned by Ross Alexandra in ripon google that as I can’t do links And york auto centre is owned by Ross Alexandra where you should have walked away and not lusted after your car copy Moters is very good copnemthorpe and you can go for a nice meal the pub comnamthorpe why you didn’t walk when they had a argument but it’s like you fixstated by a beautiful mermaid on the rocks she brings the ships to the icy blue waters Ross Alexandra has done that to you but I am sure the courts will see thst you need your money back he gets his car back as I said he has been investigated before all the reports trading standerds should have shut him down go and google copnemthorpe Moters york Andrew good reviews classy village where the cars are coppy moters miss VW I have all my paper work emails bank transfer Alx cleaners appropate name when cleaning up every bodys cash !!! my mot goeing to cost me £900 tge garriage said it’s rotten bought the car 17 march 2021 3 months warrianty clutch whent and water pump broke Ross the scarlet pimpinell mended it at his own exspence provided parts to anougther garriage that’s not a good name reputation for acomb green york face book reviews aparantly they struggle to get the machanicks I am sure it’s only open 3 days a week as I live near york A59 york Harrogate is where I go shopping boroughbridge wetherby ripon hate Leeds it needs a bomb on it how do I do attachments mot etc please thank you as it works differently to my iPhone 7 Plus Apple I tried to do a ding dog email attachment to action group with it si not sure where it’s gone as fonder lady or man wanted to see it I need to put my mileage on as well they asked me that
  7. I will try but my friends just had a knee replacement he lives in Manchester not driving at the moment and I lost my support worker so sadly I struggle every day, just simple things I can’t send you mot that’s it’s failed until somebody shows me how to do it, I know how to do attachments but not on this thread maybe if you explained to me why it won’t let me go to my photos do attachment I am an Aries and I dont give up, it took me ages to work out attachments I phone 7 plus Apple but once I knew how to do it but frustrates me makes me sad helpless I can’t send a mot document on this email thread like I say I have sent one to the action group email when I clicked on it I found I could send it ding dong I love that sound haha email going to somebody and I attached the mot to it so not sure where it’s gone haha my number is xxxxx of somebody could explain to me how you work this forum a wise person asks or is left in the dark all the time a fool keeps quite sorry for my deep eccentric mind miss VW to be told autism 48 struggled all your life and still struggling now
  8. Ross Alexandra owns acomb green garage york google it I have no idea how to do links sorry he owns the auto centre ripon google that and the auto centre york on hollgate bridge acomb york I bought my car from auto centre ripon I never saw it as COVID pandemic but I think he will have garage businesses all over the place I can’t attach any documents mot as I doint no what pdf doc docs xls rif Odt I am used to email attachments easy and what’s app if somebody wants to give me a email address what’s app number I can send the documents and explain on here sorry I take it it’s not to 1 person but all of you that look at the email on here it’s a complicated site Miss VW I have a I phone 7 plus apple phone no computer thank you To Fonda and honey bee yes where you googled is the garage where my car sat for 2 months getting a new clutch acomb green garage york it’s on face book that’s where the cars get serviced mot car wash he rents off Ross Alexandra max is the manager of the garage auto centre is in york holgate near the bridge york owned by Ross Alax Andrea auto centre ripon is where I saw my car VW sharron 2 litre 7 seater black 14 years old I can not attach any thing as I don't know how to do it the mot V5 emails etc bank transactions I sent the mot to Fonda on a email to action group I am struggling with this forum I can’t speak to any body having to log in all the time every time I want to speak to any body or somebody asks a question Miss VW my arm killing me booster jab
  9. I bought the car on the 17 March 2021 within the 3 month warranty the clutch went I had to get the AA out it was a bank holiday mon so the garage was shut I will have to get the paperwork from ripon mot centre where Ross sent it to be mended there was a new hose water pump valve and the oil leak the oil leak hose valve got mended after I told Ross about the leak he got the parts garage fitted it at his expense under the warranty also I did not say the AA had to drive behind me to acomb green garage york as needed a new battery so was given another curtesy car acomb green garage but had to have the AA man out 2 times to the curtesy car as starter Motor had broken when I first got the curtesy car it broke down as I didn’t know the flashing meant petrol that was the 1 courtesy car as nobody told me, I thought it was a bulb gone AA had to fill car up and then I got to a garage petrol I wrote on a big card as I was used to putting diesel in the VW sharron it was cello taped to the dash board the mot was done this week is there an email address it won’t let me send the mot documents car documents I am used to what’s app do you have a what’s app number it’s so much easier I found all the emails and bank transactions axl clence I just don't know why it won’t let me attach attachment I don't understand it thank you Both of the courtesy cars broke down and I had to use my AA call outs to sort them, that I was shocked then 1 didn’t have tax on it but max sorted it with a phone call to Ross he went on the internet as AA would not mend it with no tax I was stuck in Leeds in the dark vulnerable
  10. I bought a Vw sharron 2 grand it was not clean when I picked it up , it came with a 3 month guarantee that ross did put a new clutch in etc but sat for 2 months in acomb green garage . I did get a courtesy car that broke down and when the AA came they found it no tax on it, had to ring max acomb green manager, he did tax it, the VW sharron then had to go to another garage to get the clutch fitted as they ordered the wrong parts, ripon garage fixed it but then it had oil leaks from the wrong clutch been fitted at acomb green so it failed the mot it’s going to cost me £900 , it is a 14 yr old car , it was hard buying it over COVID as I could not view it, nobody’s fault that but reading all the bad reviews now I should have avoided it , i am rubbish with computer stuff but I did a bank transfer of 2 grand, I hope to take legal court action to get my money back and hope it gets it sorted , the garage is looking at mine now to see if worth getting it sorted, It was not a good experience as a female with autism understanding every thing mine was seen in the auto ripon garriage on autotrader I have all receipts, i did bank transfer had it 9 months - 2 months sat in acomb green as well the car wash man at acomb green , the others were rude too, I got so angry with his disrespectful behaviour and got banned from garage as swore at him , the staff are discusting ,he is a nasty piece of work, the parking at the garage acomb green is a shambles I bought my car April 2021 I part ex mine at £150 not a good experiance buying that car I can see the bad reviews all clicking together now I had a good experience at first when I got my VW 1 thousand pounds value cars york he has genuine reviews copy Motors are good at copnemthorpe, the reason I bought the first sharon was it was down the road to where my bmw tourer was that was a nightmare car I hate bmw but love VW . I am not very good at buying a car, I do not enjoy buying cars as every thing goes wrong, it’s Xmas,mot runs out 18 dec so dont know what I will do this winter as wel, i'm living in a small isolated village no car but that’s life, if that other man wants to speak to me about my car as it sounds like he bought his recent like me I will speak to him but getting money back of car sales people is hard court etc proving every thing I dont understand if the cars where that bad Ross Alexandra not road worthy etc the trading standards didn’t confiscate them all shut the ripon york etc garage down thery're not really bothered about it all, how can people open new businesses, it should be stopped then people would not get ripped off all the time from any businesses sorry text no grammar but autistick Dixlexia life to short to worry
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