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  1. Hi, I wish to everyone the best of best and happy new year, I have received a response directly from Wave Utility as follows, the way they handle this issue so childish, Thank you for your email. I can see that an account in your name has been open with us since August 2013 and was closed in September 2017. The balance that is being asked for is outstanding monies owed to us during that time. Upon looking at your supply, we (Wave) have always been responsible for the supply so any water and sewerage charges would need to be paid to us. As this is an outstanding debt, we have forwarded the debt and account to our 3rd party debt collectors UK Search. As you account is now with them and their responsibility, you will need to liaise with them regarding this matter. Kind Regards,
  2. Thank you, meanwhile I will wait a response from Essex Suffolk Water to see what they have got...
  3. Good Evening Mr xxxxxxx, Thank you for submitting a Subject Access Request (SAR), I have validated your identity in our Customer Relationship Management & Billing (CRM) system and have now obtained copies of your own personal data which falls within the scope of your request. As you may or not be aware, the Water market for businesses became deregulated on 1st April 2017 when businesses were free to choose their water retailer, which meant services were separated from wholesalers at this time. May I kindly suggest you submit your SAR directly to Essex and Suffolk Water who were your water supplier prior to pre-market deregulation. For ease, I have provided the website where you can access the relevant form for completion and submission: Online Subject Access Request Form SAR - Screengrabs I have provided screengrabs of your own personal data taken from our CRM System and you will notice that some of this information has been redacted and the reason for this is that third parties have not consented to the sharing of their personal data with you (for example; forename, surname). Audio Calls I have also checked our call recording system to validate if any audio calls have been stored that are associated to your contact number(s) and can confirm that no such audio calls are stored. Although, as a business, we only store these for a maximum of 3 months to ensure we comply with the ‘data minimisation’ data protection principle. Account Information It is with regret to inform you that ‘account’ information does not fall under the scope of a legitimate SAR (eg, it is not your own personal data) so unfortunately, I cannot provide this information to you. However, this does fall under Wave’s Businesses as Usual (BAU) process so if you would still like to receive account information after April 2017, please could I suggest you submit an email to [email protected] and our customer experience team can respond to you directly. They aim to respond to emails within ten working days in accordance with our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Data Transfer Data security is always our main focus at Wave so in order to securely share data with yourself, and; to ensure your personal data does not fall in to the wrong hands, we use Galaxkey workspace, which is a data protection product that protects email, documents and any data using access control and an encryption platform. Therefore, you will receive a separate email to advise you that a secure workspace has been created and to click on the link (URL). You will then need to register and will be prompted to add a few details such as; email address, name, and; create your own unique password. This will allow you access to Galaxkey workspace folder in order to obtain information requested. Data Subjects Rights I have enclosed a link to our privacy notice which explains what personal data we collect and why, as well as how we use it, keep it secure and data subject rights; https://www.wave-utilities.co.uk/privacy-policy I hope this satisfies your request, however, please do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any further queries. With Best Wishes,
  4. As far as I remember, I have paid off Electric, Broadband, Water, Rent, Commercial waste, insurance of final payments before I have removed my business fixtures and handed over the keys to Local Council since it was Local Authority own business property, I am very ignorant when it comes to deal with this sort of things, but I am about to tell DCA I was with Anglian and I owe no bills to Wave Utilities, I will also send a letter to Wave Utilities asking for more details about they are after, I will be grateful, if you could be telling me, if you think this will be right movement, to be honest I am a bit worried to say or do something wrong Thank you
  5. Hi, I was Sole Trader, small computer shop, it was my name on the bills, I have sent a letter to them asking to prove it how and what I owe to them, then I have received a bill I have no idea why they say on the bill "brought forward" the amount they have brought forward is more than what I have paid within 5 years for water charges, I dug in my old documents, I haven't got a lot left, however I found some water bills, it shows I have hardly used any water, I have managed to get my closed account statements, I have got payment made to water company, in December 2017 and January 2017, after this, I have closed the shop in April 2017 stopped trading, the amount they say I owe to them £370 which is worth more than 5 years water bills I had paid while I was occupying the property, the amount day ask for which doesn't seem to be correct, anyway, I have used water facility for toilet only, Not even for drinking or for tea and coffee, Water has never seem to be clean enough for drinking purposes, I have always purchased bottled water. it is calculated approx. £18 for water £40 late payment £312 brought forward I checked the bill they sent, they are charging me from May 2017 to September 2017,which is one month after I stopped trading, shop was empty by the end of Jun 2017, I have all my bank statements showing I have paid water bills up to January 2017, I have no idea where this "brought forward" cost comes from, 2021-09-07 Wave Bill.pdf
  6. I am here to ask your opinions, I will be grateful if you could treat me like 5 years old and enlighten me regarding my issue, I will try Not to bore you, that is why I will be super quick about giving details, - I have had a small business back in days between July 2012 to April 2017, it is a small shop, I was selling computer parts and repairing them, - My contract ended in July 2017 but I have stopped trading in April 2017 - I have paid off every supplier including water company which has sent me asking me to pay my debt dated from September 2017 - I don’t use this email address they have been sending me emails, I have only log in after receiving this letter, - I have checked my emails water company very last contact is in November 2017, telling me, they are going to join some other company called Wave which it was Anglian Water, - At the time in November 2017, they sent me email which I had already stopped trading but it seems to be automated email, - I can see next contact from them is in April 2020, telling me “your account temporally closed…..” something to do with covid-19 and they are assuming I will not be trading during pandemic and telling me general details what to do and how to do things during Pandemic, - Then they had sent me an email last June 2021, telling me to pay off out standing debt I owe them, No details of payment, No bill to show what I used, How much I owe etc. - Finally, I have received a letter to my home address from debt recovery agency asking me to pay off £370, again no details of what this money asked for, just telling me I owe this to them, So, Before I go any further with them, I would like to figure out where I stand, should I just get in touch with them to find out what exactly it is about? In order if I need to provide more details, please let me know I will as much information as I can, I would like to Thank you for your assistance,
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