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  1. Hi all. Over the weekend I received a letter from BW Legal and PRAC Financial claiming I owe them money for an unpaid electricity bill to EON (<£100). This bill accrued over a 6 month period in 2018 starting the day after our tenancy contract at the property ended (I assume the property was vacant and the landlord did not take responsibility for the utilities). This is the first correspondence I have received regarding this matter. The letter contains a guaranteed settlement of 70% off (clearly they have no confidence they will ever settle this case). I have since moved across the country. I am absolutely dumbfounded that they have somehow obtained my personal info and are trying to chase me for this. I contacted EON who confirmed that the indebted account was in the name of "The Occupier" at the supply address as they knew we had moved and were no longer responsible for the bill. Our actual EON account (which was not even in my name but my partners) was fully settled and closed on the final day of our tenancy. How should I proceed? Can I just ignore them? Should I simply ask them to prove it? I don't want to give PRAC/BW any more information than I absolutely must to get them to drop the matter. I would also like to submit an SAR (to who? PRAC?) to find out how they managed to get my data. Do I have any hopes of claiming any financial compensation for this? Can I inform PRAC/BW that if they want to waste any more of my time on this matter that I will charge them for it? Thanks for taking the time to help.
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