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  1. Hi Bank Fodder, I have had no reply from them regarding the Letter of Claim. I have noticed they closed the chat too, as i wanted to message them one last time. This incident can't be re-opened or updated. If you need to contact us again, click on the 'Get in touch' tab. So looks like to me they are terminating contact. I have nearly finished with the online claim as I need to sort a few things out. Shame you can not Claim for more then what is outstanding as they are in breach of the terms they state. I have emailed the CEO in regards the LOC at time of posting this. so all have a copy of the LOC now. any further advise?
  2. I have edited it and added to the claim details. Thanks for time today. Still no Reply.
  3. I have started filling in the online claim form Briefly explain you claim. Particulars of Claim should I mention the receipt of the postage and the refunded amount now?
  4. Hi again, Here is an update to the LOC sent. Regarding Parcel Number ********. Thank you for your response. I am sorry that this parcel was not received by the recipient. I know how frustrating this has been for you. Of course, we never want to damage or lose our customer's parcels, but from time to time, like with anything, things can go wrong. We recognise this which is why we offer our customers compensation to help somewhat with their disappointment in those circumstances. As you know we are a self-serve company, however, we do everything we can to encourage our customers to check the level of compensation selected when booking their parcel. We give two options: one at no cost covering the parcel up to £20 and the second to cover the parcel up to the value of £300 for a small cost built into their postage amount. We are always more than happy to pay up to the level of compensation our customers select because that's the right thing to do when something happens to a customer's parcel that they have entrusted us with. However, we will only pay up to the level of compensation selected. I have checked our system and can see that the maximum compensation you have selected is £20.00, therefore we are unable to issue a higher compensation payment on this occasion. I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting us. Kind Regards, Aakash
  5. I will be emailing it and sending it via RM tracked service. Worth the extra as ill add it to the final bill. ill add my info on the original. as one posted here has it all removed.
  6. only missing the part about the insurance scam but I might add that in at a later stage, or should i note it now as i shouldn't be paying for Hermes negligence (Delivery Drivers) .
  7. hi I have got to this stage of writing been busy myself. Hermes Parcelnetinfrem.docx
  8. Hi BankFodder Letter of Claim has to have 14 days, Ill set that in there now. Here is Hermes response
  9. Update. Good Afternoon, Regarding Parcel Number *****************. Thank you for contacting our CEO, Martijn De Lange. My name is Aakash and Martijn has personally asked me to investigate this matter on his behalf. I am sorry that your recipient has not received this parcel after the courier delivered this to the recipients doorstep. I know how frustrating this has been for you. This has been reported to the Delivery Team. A thorough investigation will take place between by the Delivery Team internally. I can assure you that all appropriate actions will be taken to ensure you do not receive the same or similar level of service going forward. We appreciate that this is not the outcome you were hoping for, however, we do offer cover to assist in this situation and we will happily support you through the process of making a claim. Should you wish to submit your claim, please complete the following online form: Lost Claim Form I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting us. I have since completed the claims form and awaiting there outcome. im expecting just the £20 compensation and the £5 delivery to be returned. just wondering if I should be waiting the 28 days they expect me to wait? I will start the court forms while I’m waiting for them to do what they want to do, also I have a 7 day letter of legal action completed as I’m expecting no luck outside of County Court.
  10. The delivery driver didn’t even try the buzzer on the door. It’s a unit but even then it should never have been left out side. yes 11:32am before noon. im now awaiting a reply regarding the issue from Hermes CEO department. According to them it’s a 24hr wait. I emailed the Attached Cc the CEO into the email.
  11. I do have the photographic evidence and saved it on my phone too. they was being returned for the second time. This pair I’d had since July / August. Yes I realise now it was upto the retailer to supply the labels for returns.
  12. They was returned due to stopped working and after a week of emails I was asked to return them back to Fastlight based in Basingstoke. (no Specific return procedure explained) I have now become aware that I should have asked for them to Provide the return Label (Googled my rights for faulty items). I've been reading a lot of info regarding returns and issues since Saturday night. i have attached the email regarding the return. email.rtf
  13. Hi Bankfodder, I was returning two Jebeo RW-8 Circulation pumps to whom I purchased them from (warranty Return) which was agreed. filled in the online form with RW-8's on label. No Insurance Added So standard coverage. Amount I'm sure I put either £80 or £90 for them (was not sure on there prices as didnt have invoices in front of me) here it is the chronology from 25/11/21 Parcel ordered online (Next Day Delivery) Parcel dropped off at drop-off point (8:53am) Checked online tracking not been collected by Hermes (contacted Hermes regarding matter) Item collected by Hermes 27/11/21 item was delivered 29/11/21 @ 11:32am (According to tacker 3/12/21) I emailed the company to whom I sent the parcel too, In regards to not hearing from them. I received "reply saying no items/package delivered" I said to ********* that they was delivered Monday morning 11:40ish according to the tracker. I even sent them the picture of the delivery location (which was outside there building). so I contacted Hermes and explained the situation I’m now in. I’ve explained I sent the items back as agreed and should have arrived Friday and ended up being Monday. I’ve had a reply today (7/12/21) Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. Unfortunately, the courier is unable to recall this specific parcel due to the length of time that has elapsed We can confirm that the courier was on the correct street at the time of delivery however, I cannot provide the location this parcel was left. I have tried my utmost to gain as much as information, but this is all I can provide. We are sorry this situation has occurred, If the customer has not yet received this parcel a refund or replacement will need to be agreed with the customer. Please follow your usual claims procedure. For any deliveries which don’t require a signature, please let your customer know if they have a safe place to leave the parcel it can be updated here https://new.myhermes.co.uk/track.html#/. Kind Regards Cris Customer Resolutions Advisor I have emailed them the amount for replacement items in invoices. Total asked for is £102.94 which includes the £5 postage I’ll be contacting them again in the morning 8/12/21 regarding the reply. now the next step is claim I take it. Hope this is better Bankfodder, never had to do this but there is a first. I have read a few of the threads regarding things being lost or stolen from within the network but not off the street outside.
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