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  1. I did tell them in my letter dated 2nd Dec 2021: "I bought this vehicle for work reasons and I do not have a suitable alternative vehicle. I would like to kindly ask for a replacement vehicle until the car is repaired. If this is not provided, I might need to rent a vehicle for work. If this is the case, I will be looking for a reimbursement of the expenses incurred in doing so as well" I was lucky enough to be able to retrieve my old vehicle. That , which involves having to pay ULEZ every time I go to work was, by far, the most reasonable option financially. It is £12.50 per day. Is it OK to let them know how much I spent up to date and make them liable for it?
  2. Ultra Low Emisions Zone. There is a charge to drive in that zone with vehicles that are not Euro 6 compliant.
  3. Yep, with my old car, which I had to re-insure. Otherwise I would be out of work. The new car( citroen) has not been driven since I spotted the faulty clutch.
  4. Thanks so much for the letter. I sent it along with the inspection report of the vehicle. Let me ask you something: If they repair the car, could I claim any ancillary losses incurred due to them selling me a car that was not fit for purpose and taking an unreasonable amount of time to repair it? I have spent a decent amount of money in ULEZ since I spotted the slipping clutch. I actually bought this car so I did not have to pay ULEZ on a daily basis. It seems to me that the extra costs I am incurring due to their negligence should be their responsibility. Am I right?
  5. I don't understand what you mean by the typo. Are you saying that the letter of 6 December is really the letter of 8 November? Nope. I mean I said "if u have further details..."in stead of "if you need further details". Please find below letter sent on 8th Nov 2021: Dear Blue Motor Finance Team, I entered into a Hire Purchase agreement with you on the 27th of October 2021. Agreement Reference Number xxxxxxxx I picked up the vehicle, a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso EXCL BLU Reg xxxxx on the 30th of October. On my way back home, after driving it for over an hour, the seatbelt alarm for the middle row left hand side seat went off. There was nobody in that seat, nor any object leaning on it. It was unsettling and dangerous as the alarm went off several times for long periods of time, distracting my driving. I took legal advice on the matter and I am aware that under the Consumer Rights Act, I am within the time limits to get the car fixed at no cost to me. I spoke to Blue Motor Finance on the phone today at 12:55pm and I was advised to take this matter to the dealership myself. I disagreed on the basis that you are the owner, therefore responsible for repairs under such Act. Hence the formal complaint. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon in order to resolve this issue. Kind regards,
  6. I meant if you need further details, not if you have further details. Sorry for the typo.
  7. Hi, The 8th November 2021 was the first time I sent a letter to them letting them know about the seatbelt alarm going off. I had not spotted the slipping clutch issue then. On the 2nd Dec 2021 I let them know about the slipping clutch issue. I gave them 7 days to respond, which they did on the 6th Dec 2021, claiming they needed 8 weeks to investigate and stablish liability. They replied to me on the 5th Jan 2022 ( letter copied above) and then again yesterday the 12th Jan 2022 telling me they will make an inspection of the vehicle. I hope that helps. Please let me know if u have further details. I have always included their correspondence in this threat. Noting else has been received. Thanks again.
  8. Hi, I had an email from Blue Motor Finance yesterday: Good Afternoon, As I have not heard back from the broker since advising them you did not want to go through your warranty. I have arranged an independent inspection with a company called Scotia inspections. They will be in contact with you to confirm a date. Once this has happened we can confirm the faults with the vehicle and look into the repairs as requested. Kind regards How should I respond? Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi, I have an inspection done to the vehicle with a full diagnosis confirming my claims: the clutch slips and it's worn to excess and needs replacing. The other issues found are due to the battery levels being low (due to not driving the car). The seatbelt issue is there too. I am not bothered by it as it is easily dealt with by having the seatbelt clicked in place. That sorts it out. So I plan to write to the finance company and the dealer letting them know about the outcome of the inspection and asking them to repair the vehicle and if they object to me driving the vehicle to the dealership and give them 5 days to respond. Is this the best way forward? Thanks.
  10. The car will be inspected next Tuesday morning. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for your prompt response. I appreciate your straightforwardness and I do not think you are being over suspicious or cautious. I will have an independent inspection of the car asap and let the finance company and dealer know of it and once the result of the inspection has been provided to me, ask them if the have an objection in me driving the vehicle to the dealership for repair. If the inspection reveals the fault and the finance company/ dealership keep playing tricks, I will seriously consider to exercise my right to reject. Thanks again.
  12. Great. Thanks. I did send them a letter on the 3rd Jan 2022 following your suggestions. On the 5th Jan 2022 I received this from the complaints team: It seems to me it took them 8 weeks to let me know the dealer is willing to repair the vehicle. I think this is the way forward and my plan is to push for this to happen asap. Am I right with this approach? I plan to contact the dealer and confirm in writing the terms of the repairs (how long it will take them to inspect and repair the car). I'd like to claim all the ancillary expenses incurred too. How can I do this? Is there any better plan or alternative? Thanks If I decide to take the car there, I will also tell them that by doing so, they accept the risk of making the fault worse.
  13. Point taken. Thanks. I will be on top of it. What is the next step moving forwards, please? A letter before court claim? Any other options available?
  14. Hi there, You'll have to remind me – have you had an independent inspection carried out? No. Not yet. I am waiting for their response. Also, I'm a loss to understand why you send them a letter giving them seven days and then at the end of the seven days you do nothing. Do you think this enhances your credibility? No. It doesn't. I have been very busy. My fault. Although it doesn't enhance my credibility, I hope it doesn't trump my statutory rights.
  15. Happy New Year to you all. I sent the above letter on the 13th Dec 2021 and gave them 7 days to reply. However, I have no received any reply. Absolute silence on their behalf. I suppose the next step is a letter before court claim. Am I right? I would appreciate some advice, please.
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