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  1. Hi Some advice would be highly appreciated. My mother bought a set of Elvis Presley coins from London Mint Office in October and agreed to pay in 3 instalments. She paid first instalment in October, second in November, both payments showing on her Virgin Money Internet banking account as cleared to LMO. Last payment is due 15th of December. My mother kept up with the payments as agreed. On Friday which was the 3rd of December, she got a late payment letter from the LMO saying she's made no payments since getting the coins which isn't true, she always keeps proof of payment. She has good credit rating and never missed payments on anything. She called customer service for them say to her that they see no payments on her account and says its probably account department who haven't updated her account to reflect payments and it would be resolved after he emailed them. She checked her LMO office account and it STILL says she owes them money, emailed their customer service email with proof of payments with her address and customer number, no reply to that either. The letter made clear threats of debt collectors for money they already have! She's made it clear she will not be paying any late payment charges as their accusations aren't justified and clearly incompetence on their end. After reading reviews, this is a common trick LMO pull on people. What do we do from here? if she gets no reply to her emails or nothing gets resolved via phone? Would taking this to ombudsman and trading standards be any help? Thank you.
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