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  1. Hi, I’ve been following this thread as my son has been scammed by Alan Francis O’Hara of Fast Tax Rebates and also of Easy Tax Rebates. Is Alan Francis O’Hara trading under the name Maxwell now as I noticed you’ve stated both O’Hara and Maxwell in this thread? Thanks
  2. I’ll get on with draft letter and get back to you much appreciated
  3. Thankyou for your reply. Please bear with me as I’m still finding my way round the group and how to comment etc. I thought I’d started a new thread but then a new thread was started for me, Thankyou. Hopefully I’ll use the right one
  4. I am a victim of Alan O’Hara and his company Fast Tax Rebates (FTR) deception and fraudulent activity. I am extremely worried as HMRC are demanding I repay £13,229.00 by 8/12/2021 of which I personally received only £4354 as I do not have the money. I was referred by a friend who himself has discovered he has been deceived. I was led to believe that I could claim tax relief/rebate on work related expenses. After lots of searching, I have, only this morning, found this group and just read through the whole of this thread. Please can you advise if I need to request SAR from HMRC and FTR and complete the other actions you advised? My action to date: 1. I have investigated and researched Alan Francis O’Hara (AFO). 2. Reported AFO deception and fraudulent activity to Action Fraud. No reply received to date. 3. Written to HMRC enclosing copies of: - all emails between myself and ‘Mike’, ‘Claire Marshall’; - AF form; - Copy of my bank Statement showing deposit from FTR. After finally speaking to HMRC yesterday who informed me that they have literally hundreds of cases where EIS is the scam that dishonest ‘tax agents’ have used i have been advised to lodge a review/appeal against this HMRC decision which I am in the process of writing. Any advice you can give me about writing the review/appeal would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks
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